City of Witches Chapter 47

Late Night Tutoring (2)

༺ Late Night Tutoring (2) ༻





  Siwoo settled down on the chair with a complex expression on his face.


  Odile, who lay comfortably on the bed as if it were her own, looked around curiously.


  “It’s my first time coming to a guy’s room, but you’ve kept it neat.”




  Smoke billowed out of the window in clusters, carrying with it the pungent aroma of the burning cigarette.


  Siwoo had only one thing on his mind.


  He was worried about how he could send Odile home safely without any danger. 


  He pondered whether it would have been better to take the risk and tell Lady Gemini the whole truth.


  It didn’t seem like a good idea to be dragged around by the hair in this manner with no good outcome.


  He felt like he was watching a ticking time bomb that might explode at any moment.


  “Mr. Assistant, are you angry or upset?”


  “Please tell me your business first, Ms. Odile. I want to send you back as soon as possible.”


  He was aware that this cheeky twin sister wouldn’t pay attention even if he became irate, annoyed, or threatened.


  It would be a bigger problem if he got caught up in a useless argument and it reached Amalia.


  First of all, Siwoo was relieved that Amalia had never entered this room after 12 o’clock.


  And that the “Song of Silence” was activated.


  Perhaps the spell had the ability to roughly reduce noise, but he wasn’t certain about its effectiveness.


  Odile suddenly jumped up and sat facing Siwoo.


  Her glittering purple eyes sparkled like stars.


  “Mr. Assistant, has anything changed with Professor Amelia lately?”


  “Not at all,”


  “Hmm…is that so?”


  “Did you come all the way here because you were curious about that?”


  Even if Count Gemini’s mansion had a private portal that took her to the academy in 10 seconds, it would take her another 10 seconds to get to Amelia’s mansion from the academy portal.


  Given the amount of time spent traveling from here to there, it must be quite a burden.


  “No, I have something else I want to ask.”


  Odile pulled out the book from her cloak.


  Siwoo was genuinely surprised by Odile’s audaciousness.


  “Ms. Odile, may I ask you something as well?”


  “No problem. Although I was also impolite, Mr. Assistant was magnanimous enough to overlook it.”


  Siwoo was unsure whether or not her behavior were considered rude.


  “Um… Ms. Odile, are you really okay?”




  “Didn’t a lot of things happen that day?”


  Indeed, a lot of things happened the other night.


  Siwoo not only enjoyed Odile’s lower naked body, but he also inserted his dick into her rear hole and came inside her.


  After regaining her senses, Odile was overwhelmed with shame, to the point where she felt as if she might faint. 


  However, the Odile sitting in front of him now gave off the impression that she didn’t give a damn about it.


  “Oh, that one? Are you still worried about it?”


  “But how can you just brush it off like that?”


  “All that happened was that the potion’s effect was wrong at the time.”


  “But it was still an unpleasant incident.”


  “When you explore the world, accidents happen all the time. How can you become a good witch if you’re afraid of failure and shame?”


  Upon hearing Siwoo’s words, Odile shrugged nonchalantly as if nothing had happened.


  The reason why Siwoo knew that she was putting on a nonchalant front in this situation was because her cheek had a slight blush that was illuminated by the pale moonlight.


  “You’re a role model for witches.”


  “Indeed, indeed.”


  In response to Siwoo’s somewhat perplexing compliment, Odile smiled bashfully and nodded her head.


  Her innocent pupils and double eyelids were so alluring that they could draw people in.


  He recalled how those clear eyes had suddenly become clouded in lust.


  “Anyway, it turned out to be better. I used to feel a little embarrassed when dealing with Mr. Assistant.”


  “Really? I didn’t feel anything…”


  “But now that we’ve already experienced such a drastic event, there’s no need to hesitate anymore, right?”


  Oddly enough, Odile’s face was getting redder and redder.


  “Anyway, that’s what I wanted to ask!”




  “To be honest, I pleasured myself tonight. But something didn’t feel right, so I came to confirm it. After all, Mr. Assistant is older than me.”


   It was because Odile’s tone was so nonchalant when telling about what she did tonight that it took Siwoo some time to perceive anything peculiar in her words.


  “While reading an erotic novel, I touched myself like Odette did in there. I felt good as soon as I touched it.”


  “Oh, I see…”


  This was a strange situation.


  Siwoo found the whole situation strange because an apprentice witch visited his room in the middle of the night, talking openly about her masturbation.


  “So, I also tried putting my finger in my anus. But it didn’t feel good at all. In fact, it hurt. I’m really curious why.”


  Siwoo immediately thought of sending her away when he noticed where the conversation was flowing.


  Having been tangled up with the twins several times, Siwoo could already tell that this flow of conversation was not going to lead to anything good.


  He knew that if he talked to Odile in this way, he would eventually get caught up in pointless arguments or awkward situations brought on by excuses.


  “I’ll answer your question, but you have to leave now. The rear hole isn’t a place for pleasure. Even if you masturbate, there’s no way it can feel good.”


  “But I felt… good… before, huh?”


  Suddenly, Odile pulled Siwoo’s blanket and covered her face while mumbling.


  Odile had a blanket covering her up to her nose, and her white iris gave the impression that she was a dog scanning her surroundings.




  “After taking Eros’s potion and doing it with Mr. Siwoo, I felt good. What do you think? It’s weird, right?”


  Siwoo was convinced.


  Although Odile was trying to suppress her embarrassment on the surface and saying that she didn’t really care, the reality was different.


  Odile was extremely shy, but she persisted because she was curious about sexual matters


  “So, the conclusion I’ve reached is that it felt good because we did it together.”


  Well, that was obvious.


  Siwoo felt much better after receiving a handjob than when masturbating alone.


  “Since you’ve come to a conclusion, do you have any questions left for me?”


  In front of him, an apprentice witch said something like, “I didn’t really like anal masturbation alone, but anal sex with you was amazing!’


  Siwoo was just at a loss for what to do in this awkward situation.


  “The truth is, I already finished asking my questions, but I have a request.”


  “No, I can’t do it, please leave.”


  He abruptly ended her speech like cutting it off with a knife.


  Then Odile threw the blanket onto the bed and placed her hand on her waist.


  “Are you refusing to follow my, Odile Gemeni’s command, when you’re still a slave?”


  Odile widened her eyes to appear more intimidating.


  Now that Siwoo knew the twins’ personalities, he wasn’t particularly scared anymore.


  “Yes, I’m going to refuse.”




  Odile pouted her lips and her previously raised shoulders dropped in disappointment.


  Honestly, she thought that forcing him any further would be too much to ask.


  After all, Siwoo seemed to be considering going to visit their master in person.


  The punishment that would befall the twins when their strict master found out about their misbehavior was frightening just to think about.


  However, she didn’t feel like threatening Siwoo either.


  It was alright when she teased him half-jokingly about his weaknesses, but now he’s stubbornly refusing, and if she threatened him by saying she’d expose his ongoing research on escape magic, that would completely ruin their relationship.


  And then she could do whatever she wanted with Siwoo, but it wouldn’t be the same fun relationship they had now.


  “Well then, let’s do it like this.”


  Odile said, raising one finger.


  It was as if she was imitating Amalia.


  “Please put your finger in there. I need to check my theory,”


  Put his finger in Odile’s rear hole, which seemed to be throbbing.


  Siwoo was firm in his decision, despite being surprised by her remark that any man would find it difficult to refuse.


  He kept his mouth shut firmly and shook his head.


  Odile folded her arms in frustration.


  “Fine, then let’s do this,


  “I won’t do it, no matter what you do. Please, Ms. Odile, return to your mansion.”


  “No, listen to me. This will definitely catch Mr. Assistant’s attention.”


  Odile reached into her cloak that she had taken off earlier and pulled out something, then fiddled with it in her hand.


  In truth, Odile had expected Siwoo to reject her fiercely.


  There was no chance that she could convince Siwoo to listen to her using sweet-talking tactics.


  “If you accept my two proposals, I’ll give you this.”


  She had a palm-sized music box in her hand.


  A delicate and small mechanical device made of brass was carefully covered with a glass lid.


  “What is this?”


  Siwoo had been a slave in this city of witches for five years.


  As the things here weren’t usually ordinary, he sensed something ominous about the music box, which looked like a child’s toy at first glance.


  “Mr. Assistant, you said you have a plan to escape the Witch’s City, right?”


  “Yes, I did.”


  Siwoo responded worriedly.


  He was concerned that she might be using that as a form of blackmail. 


  “You didn’t think that everything would go smoothly if you just escaped, did you?


  “I’m also researching magic circles to evade pursuit.”


  “I’m not sure how effective it is, but it’ll be difficult to escape with just that. If someone is determined to pursue you, you’ll be caught in no time.”


  As Odile had pointed out, just escaping from Gehenna wouldn’t necessarily mean complete freedom for Siwoo.


  After all, Siwoo had been captured once before in the modern world.


  It wouldn’t be surprising if it happened again, even two or three times.


  Therefore, Siwoo had been researching ways to evade pursuit in advance.


  Although his focus had been on escaping magic circles, for now.


  “It’s the material I’ve prepared to make a deal with Mr. Assistant.”


  Odile said, shaking the music box in front of Siwoo.


  Upon closer inspection, Siwoo noticed that the pins on the music box were spinning very slowly.


  “This is the music box that plays the ‘Song of Silence’ for a long time. Would you like to see it?”


  Odile then cleared her throat, opened her mouth wide, and yelled.


  “I, Odile Gemini, am the greatest witch in Gehenna!!!”


  It was unquestionably a loud sound.


  It was loud enough to reverberate not only in Amelia’s room but throughout the entire mansion.


  Feeling a chill run down his spine, Siwoo hastily covered Odile’s mouth.


  “What are you doing all of a sudden?”


  “Oops, ugh…”


  Odile, who was wriggling in Siwoo’s arms, barely managed to break free from his palm.


  “Well, wait a minute,”


  Ten seconds passed, then 20 seconds, and 30 seconds, but nothing changed.


  Amelia showed no signs of noticing anything, and the birds dozing on the tree outside the window remained silent. The environment was quiet and still, devoid of any noise.


  “How do Odette and I manage to escape to Tarot Town every time? It’s all thanks to this music box,”


  “It’s an artifact, isn’t it?


  “Yeah, a top-quality one imbued with self-essence magic. This mansion probably looks pitiful in comparison to it, I think.”


  It was an artifact that was imbued with magic that could be used to cast magic as well.


  Artifacts were magical objects that differed from disposable items like Amelia’s perfume due to their lasting nature. These artifacts were highly valued for their rarity and usefulness.


  With a single-minded determination to seduce Siwoo, Odile began enthusiastically explaining about the music box.


  “If I talk about this music box, it’s a very expensive artifact designed for infiltration and concealment.


  To begin with, simply holding this artifact prevents the user’s voice from being heard beyond a distance of 5 meters.


  It completely removed all traces of mana and removed it from the perception of those around it.


  And on top of that, it doesn’t even leave footprints. If someone were to use this for theft, they could become the world’s greatest villain, wouldn’t they?”


 Siwoo could tell from Odile’s further explanation that it was an extremely high-performance  artifact that at first glance seemed almost unbelievable.


  It also erased one’s own appearance from records such as cameras, audio recorders, and surveillance cameras.


  It was equipped with a small self-generating mana source, so as long as he turned the  clockwork mechanism, it would operate 24/7 all year round.


  Moreover, adjusting the gear on the side enables one to finely tune settings such as the operating range and duration of the effect. With this capability, it appears that the device would provide a complete solution for the post-escape plan.


  “In other words, just having this makes it possible to live your life in complete seclusion after escape.”


  At this point, there was nothing to lose.


  Siwoo gulped.


  “Is it really fine to put such a precious thing up for sale?”


  “It’s fine. My Master gave me one, and one to Odette. I didn’t really need two, I’d say I would have sold one for some pocket money.”


  As Siwoo seemed to be very pleased, Odile was finally able to smile confidently.


  “Are you willing to make the deal?”


  “Yes, I am.”





Translator’s Note:

Lads we bottled Odile’s name. It’s supposed to be Odile instead of Odil. A reference to “Story of Swan Lake.” It will be Odile from now on




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