City of Witches Chapter 48

Late Night Tutoring (3)

༺ Late Night Tutoring (3) ༻





  Despite the favorable conditions, it wasn’t a simple decision to make as it would be unwise to sign a contract before hearing its contents. 


  Siwoo asked Odile, who was sitting on the bed and swinging her legs.


  “So what should I do?”


  “There are three conditions for fulfilling the contract.”


  “Didn’t you just say there were two?”


  Odile hummed a tune with an adorable smile before responding.


  “Well, I thought I could ask for one more since it seemed like Mr. Assistant enjoys the music box quite a fair bit.”


  Siwoo touched his face as he wondered if his expression had betrayed his thoughts.


  Noticing Siwoo’s action, Odile chuckled softly.


  “I haven’t agreed to anything yet. Tell me the details first before I make my decision.”


  Despite having to take risks, acquiring the music box was worthwhile because of its benefits. 


  Owning the music box would alleviate any worries he had about being caught again after finally managing to escape.


  Furthermore, having the music box meant he could devote all his time to researching the dimensional magic circle, making the offer of this artifact all the more appealing.


  “Okay, then here’s the first condition.”


  Odile said, raising her finger.


  “Please join us for a picnic tomorrow.”


  “A picnic?”


  “Yes. Tomorrow is Mr. Assistant’s day off, and we were planning to visit Spirit Mountain where magical crops are cultivated. We thought it would be boring to go alone, so we wanted to invite Mr. Assistant to come with us,”


  Siwoo seemed interested in the proposal.


  “Wait, is this the Spirit mountain that I know?”


  “Exactly! Will you come?”


  Spirit Mountain, a joint property owned by both Duke Keter and Count Gemini.


  It was a large-scale production area responsible for supplying 95% of the magical crops in Gehenna.


  Siwoo became interested in the Spirit Mountain due to rumors of its beautiful and mysterious natural scenery.


  His interest only grew stronger after hearing stories from Takasho, who had seen it from a distance and described it as a fairy forest.


  Even Takasho, who had no particular interest in things other than women, was impressed by the mountain’s beauty, which intrigued Siwoo.


  “Well, that sounds great. I’ve been wanting to go there too.”


  “Really? I knew that you’d like it too.”


    Siwoo watched as Odile bounced up and down the bed in excitement and couldn’t help but appreciate the view. 


  “Alright, then for the second condition. Prove to me that my theory is correct.”


   Compared to the first condition, this one was a bit more demanding.


  Perhaps the way to prove Odile’s theory was by putting his finger up her butthole which would only end when Odile was either satisfied or done with the experience.


  That said, the task wasn’t impossible for him to do as the risk involved in the action wasn’t all that great.


  Siwoo might have felt inclined to beg her if the circumstances had been different, even if it meant humbling himself to make a request. Nevertheless, he decided to accept the request for the time being.


  After all, Siwoo had already used Odile’s backdoor before.


  It wouldn’t be such a big deal if he just simply inserted a finger into it.


  Upon Siwoo’s nod of approval, Odile posed her final condition.


  “And finally…”


  Odile exuded an innocence that shone more brilliantly than the moon.


  She brushed away a strand of hair that was clinging to her cheek and asked.


  “Tell me about love.”


  The scene was like something out of a romantic movie, the sunlight streaming in, and the sight of Odile delivering the line was reminiscent of a beautiful actress. 


  “I don’t really know what it is myself. When I drank that potion, I thought it might’ve been love, but I realized it was something else,”


  “I believe it acted more like an aphrodisiac to me.”


  Odile continued as she twiddled her fingers nervously.


  “That’s why I want to try to experience it in a more ordinary way. I asked Pecha, my maid, and she told me that… love isn’t something that can be easily felt.”


  Odile got up from the bed and slowly approached Siwoo, who was smoking his third cigarette by the window.


  She then grasped one of his fingers and said,


  “Love is something that you can only discover by holding hands, stroking cheeks, going on dates, kissing, and getting to know each other.”


  “That’s quite common.”


  Siwoo, of course, was unable to describe that feeling to her since he had never experienced it himself.


  “So that’s why I want to try it. Going to the Spirit Mountain together is also a date, and is an extension of my third request.”


  “What should I do then? I can’t guarantee that I can make you fall in love no matter how much I try.”


  Love wasn’t something that could be easily obtained or controlled like a part of something, and real life wasn’t like an RPG game where one could easily impress others.


  “Well, it’s simple. Just promise me that you’ll keep playing with me in the future and won’t avoid me.”


  “With me? Is this matter unrelated to Ms. Odette?”


  Siwoo unexpectedly spurted out, sensing something amiss from her words..


  Odile had always referred to herself and her sister as a package deal, so it was unusual for her to omit Odette’s name.


  If she had been her usual self, she would have asked him to hang out with them more often.


  Siwoo’s remark seemed to come as a shock for Odile as well.


  Her eyes shot wide open, and it took her a moment for Odile to realize her mistake before correcting herself.


  “Oh dear, I seemed to have made a mistake. That’s unlike me. Anyways, just make sure to hang out with us often.”


  “May I take a moment to think about it?”


  “Sure, I’ll be expecting a wise response.”


  Siwoo would reluctantly follow any orders from Odile, even if they were intentional.


  He couldn’t predict how Amelia and the other witches would respond if they knew that he had the formula for the escape spell.


  However, he couldn’t understand why Odile insisted on using him as a bargaining chip for the artifact.


  “Are you done with finding blackmail to use against me?”


  “Wouldn’t it be fun for Mr. Assistant if you were to find out weaknesses? If we’re having fun, then Mr. Assistant should be able to as well.”


  Siwoo was surprised by her delicate consideration and felt touched.


  Although Odile seemed harsh, she respected Siwoo’s wishes in her own way while still being very selfish.


  “If you shake my hand on your own accord, it would mean that we have a deal.”


 Odile said, extending her hand.


  “I understand.”


  Siwoo nodded, taking Odile’s hand and giving it a light shake.


  They both smiled, pleased with the mutually beneficial agreement they had just sealed.




  Although their plans to visit Spirit Mountain and entertain the twins were still in the future, there were immediate contract conditions that needed to be settled, namely, satisfying Odile’s curious whims.


  As soon as they both acknowledged this, an awkward mood descended upon them.


 Odile and Siwoo stood side by side, gazing at the bed for a long time, unsure of what to do next.




  “What should I do?”


  Odile hesitated, fidgeting with her clothes, while Siwoo scratched the back of his head, unable to offer any suggestions.


  “I’m curious to know if it would feel better when I use another person’s hand.”


  “Yes, I understand that. But now… I’d hoped that you would give me some details on how you’d like things to be done.”


  “Hey, we’re in a symbiotic relationship now, right? Do I have to make all the decisions? Don’t just try to get a free ride, Mr. Assistant should come up with some ideas as well.”


  Siwoo was puzzled by Odile’s request to “come up with some ideas” but didn’t have much time to hesitate since they needed to finish up quickly before Amelia arrived.


  “Well, um, would you mind taking off your underwear?”


  “What? How could I possibly do something like that without being under the potion’s effect?


  Siwoo was taken aback by her behavior, after all, Odile was the one who had asked him to stick his finger up her ass. But now, here she was embarrassed to show her butt.


  “Then shall we do it in a standing position?”


  Siwoo asked, to which Odile nodded her head in agreement.


  “I’ll grab the bed like this… and stand there.”


  Odile stood tall with both her hands on the waist-high bed and stuck her butt out ever so slightly.


  Odile stood up on her toes, much like how a ballet dancer would do.


  “Would it be easier for you to do it in this position?”


  “Alright, I understand.”


  “Oh, and I heard that doing it from the back is different from doing it from the front and can even cause pain if done without any lubricant. Check the inner pocket of that robe over there.”


  Odile appeared to have diligently prepared everything that was needed, like a conscientious student.


  When Siwoo removed the stopper, a fragrant flower scent wafted up from the luxurious-looking porcelain bottle.


  Judging by the scent, which was similar to the fragrance that emanated from Odile’s body, it seemed to be an essential oil that was used during baths.


  “Apply it to your fingers and then just insert it.”


  Siwoo swallowed nervously, tilting the bottle of oil onto his finger.


  “Well, excuse me,”


  As he pulled down the elastic band of Odile’s boxers, her plump buttocks came into view.


  The sight aroused a painful erection from Siwoo.


  After creating enough space to ensure that neither her clothes nor skin would become soiled with the lubricant, he proceeded to insert his fingers into her rear hole.




  A high-pitched gasp escaped from Odile’s lips as Siwoo’s hand came into contact with her butt cheeks.


  “Do you feel uncomfortable?”


  “No, no. I was just surprised by how cold your hands are. But please keep going.”


  The perfect mix of soft, plump flesh of her buttocks could be felt through Siwoo’s palm as he came to the conclusion that they could be comfortably cupped in between his hands.


  Siwoo’s hands slowly glided down the ravine between Odile’s buttcheeks.


  The tension was so solemn that the sound of his swallowing saliva seemed especially loud.


  “Okay, I’m going to put it in.”


  “Wait, wait! That’s the different hole!”


  Siwoo carefully regained his composure.


  It wasn’t until he passed by her soft, plump vagina and inserted a finger into the front hole that he had noticed that he had been so mesmerized by the smoothness of her ass that he failed to pay any attention to where his finger was going.


  Thankfully, he had only inserted a small portion of his finger, about half a node.


  Odile was so startled that she began to squeal much like how a chick, who just got vaccinated, would.


  “You shouldn’t have put it there! I didn’t see you that way, Mr. Assistant, but you really are an insidious person!”


  “I’m sorry.”


  Siwoo pondered who was more insidious between himself and Odile as he quickly withdrew his finger and searched for Odile’s other hole.




  As they continued, Siwoo began to notice that Odile’s ears were growing increasingly red.


  He had even caught a glimpse of her flushed cheeks when she briefly turned her head to scold him, resembling the skin of a ripe persimmon.


  Siwoo couldn’t understand why Odile would subject herself to such humiliation just to prove her theory, especially when she seemed visibly embarrassed by the situation.


  Despite his confusion, he tried to ask for clarification,


  “Is this the right place?”


  “Well, why are you asking me… You’ll figure it out if you look closely.”


  All Siwoo could feel in this awkward situation was the warmth of Odile’s soft buttocks in her boxers as his fingertips glided along the wrinkled texture of her rectum folds.


  As he did so, Siwoo gradually began stroking along the folds as if he were mesmerized by them.


  The fragrance oil added to the ever-increasing arousal present in the room..


  “I’ll really put it in this time.”


  Siwoo began to carefully push his oil-coated ring finger within little by little.


  At the same time, his fingers felt an incredible resistance.


  Odile’s flower bud was tightly shut, making any progress impossible.


  “Ms. Odile, if you push that hard… I won’t be able to put it in, will I?”


  As Siwoo said that, he began to focus on the task at hand.


  What kind of man would he be if he backed down from such a challenge?


  It was his duty to fulfill a request from a pretty lady such as Odile, who had approached him and asked him to pleasure her by fingering her ass.


  “Wait, it worked before… why isn’t it working now?”


  “Try to take a deep breath.”


  “A deep breath? Okay. Huh… ha… huh… hiyang…!”


  Siwoo pushed his finger in smoothly, timing it perfectly with her exhale.


  At the same time, Odile stiffened and let out a cute moan.


  “You, you surprised me!”


  “Well thankfully it worked.”


  His finger had slipped in easily, going in about one joint deep.


  He could feel Odile’s inner wall twitch intermittently against his finger, the inside of her body feeling much hotter than her warm skin.


  Honestly, Siwoo found it hard to resist.


  The dangerous urge to push down the helpless Odile on the bed and ram his dick into her as he had done before pulsed through his body as he reminded himself to maintain his rationality and focus on the task at hand.


  “I’m going to start moving now.”


  “Got it… Do it slowly, very slowly, got it?


  As Siwoo began to make his way deeper into her, Odile, on her tiptoes, resisted the urge to look back as she gripped the bedsheets.




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