City of Witches Chapter 49

Late Night Tutoring (4)

༺ Late Night Tutoring (4) ༻





  The room was drenched in utter silence. 


  Amidst such tense silence, a strange tension akin to taut spiderwebs hanging in the air, the faint echoes of Odile’s irregular breaths and Siwoo’s finger movements were the only things breaking the tranquility of the room. 


  “Hmm… well…”


  His fingers slid inside Odile’s tightened folds more easily than he had expected them to. 


  He reasoned that the cause of this phenomenon might be because he was using the ring finger which was relatively thinner than all the fingers of a hand. 


  One finger joint after another went in and out through her rear hole without much difficulty. 


  He was feeling a hot pressure clench his digit inside her hole which had become quite slippery due to the usage of the aromatic oil. 


  He watched, touched, and felt every inch of Odile’s body, which he couldn’t fully appreciate before.


  “Are you… okay?”


  The atmosphere surrounding them had become tinged with eroticism. 


  Perhaps because he was feeling a bit too nervous right now, his voice cracked and sounded like a metallic clang. 


  Odile’s anus was so alluring that it was almost like a magical hole that constantly drew his attention. 


  He couldn’t believe just how he had managed to shove his entire dick into this tight hole when it had become so full with the insertion of just one of his fingers. 


  “Uh… yeah… nothing special, yet.”


  Odile replied without looking back at him. 


  ‘Is it just me or did her voice sound a bit excited there?’ 


  Swallowing the dry saliva in his mouth, Siwoo changed the angle of insertion of his fingers. 


  He supported the entirety of her derriere with one of his hands while he inserted his fingers deeper inside her puckering tight canal. 


  He used the rest of his fingers to spread her buttock wide, allowing for deeper insertion with his fingers. 


  “Ha… uh….”


  Immediately, she responded to Siwoo’s actions. 


  Her slender back drew a graceful curve, and her buttocks abruptly tightened as if trying to grab his fingers with their tightness.


  Odile was seductive enough as is, but her body was on a whole another level.


  Unconsciously, Siwoo began to insert and pull his fingers out of her tight hole in a rhythmic fashion; as though he was trying to gauge her reactions. 


  It was surreal to him that… With just the use of one of his fingers, Siwoo was now able to control the shameless and unruly Odil. 


  Every time he stuck his finger inside her hole, she would stand on her tiptoe, trying to avoid the sensation of his finger penetrating her depths. Meanwhile, when he pulled out his finger, her body would quiver and her mouth would leak out hot and heavy sighs. 


  Each and every one of those erotic reactions was seemingly made to tempt Siwoo. 


–  Thud!




  With a throaty moan coming out of Odile’s lips, the ring finger completely slipped out of her hole. 


  Due to the inflexibility of the ring finger, it was difficult to insert more than two fingers inside. 


  “Why, why did you take it out?”


  “My finger is a little uncomfortable. Please bear with it for a bit.”


  Siwoo, therefore, decided to insert his middle finger, which was the longest and most flexible among all the fingers.


  A sufficient amount of lubricant had already been applied to the inside of Odile’s puckering depths, so he rubbed his fingertips along the creases of her canal and then gently pushed his finger inside. 


  “Ha-u, he-u, ho-u…” 


  Odile was breathing heavily, the breaths coming out in strange gasps. 


  Her breathing grew louder and louder, gasping each time his rough finger joints were progressively swallowed up inside her hot and slippery folds. 


  Siwoo was beginning to lose his self-control as he heard her seductive and sensual response to his actions. 


  The male instinct to make a female feel pleasure was stirring within him.


  He was experiencing the feeling of triumph that came from being able to control a noble apprentice witch with just one of his fingers.


  More than just the experiment itself, Siwoo’s own desires began to mix into the act. 


  It was a primal desire to make Odile feel more and more pleasure; to look at her messy and disheveled appearance during the act. 


Poke, poke, poke, poke 


  “Hmm… Hmm… Hmm…”


  Using his long and flexible middle finger, possessing the greatest strength among the fingers, he was able to intensify his caresses to her insides. 


  The sounds of the finger moving back and forth inside her quivering hole were getting louder and louder. 


  Akin to the ripples of a lake in midst of a rainstorm, Odile’s reaction also underwent drastic changes, 


  Siwoo supported Odile’s flexible waist with one of his hands.


  As he reached into her boxers, the nightgown lifted slightly, creating an opening through which he could feel the softness of her sides and pelvis.


  He found it comfortable to grip her love handles, which were soft and plump but had little to no fat.


  “Ah… uh…. uh…” 


  Siwoo already knew.


  That Odile was already feeling pleasure from her anal hole. 


  She expressed her desire to see if she could feel more pleasure if Siwoo assisted her in anal masturbating now that she appeared to be feeling pleasure, implying that he didn’t need to use other caressing techniques any further.


  Nevertheless, he didn’t stop.


  Without saying anything to Odile, he continued with what he was doing.


  It felt like the brakes holding him back had been released.


  “Uh… uh… ooh…. huh…”


  Before he could even notice, Odile, who had been standing with her waist slightly arched forward, had collapsed on the bed. 


  Her arms, which had been clutching the bed, sunk down to her elbows and her upper body slumped forward, causing her buttocks to arch up as a result.


  Perhaps due to the intense movement of his hands, her boxer had fallen halfway down, exposing Odile’s pristine white arse in full. 




  Siwoo began moving his hands vigorously; his eyes bloodshot. 


  There were no special techniques used in his movements. 


  Just the speed of his movements was a bit faster. 


  “Heuheue…. ung… heeut…”


  Odile’s legs started to tremble violently with just that simple change. 


  Her highly tense leg muscles were twitching and trembling intermittently, and the intensity was enough that Siwoo was able to literally witness it with his eyes. 


  ‘Is it even possible for her to go back in this state?’ 


  Honestly, Siwoo couldn’t quite grasp how Odile must be feeling at the moment.


  Still, he wanted to experience the thrill of bringing Odile to the brink of pleasure with his own hands for once, at least. 


 – Gasp, gasp, gasp  


  “Ugh… Ugh… Hngh…”


  Odile’s soft moans became increasingly ragged. 


  Her lustful moans grew louder with each passing second.


  Odile probably thought that burying her face in the blankets would be enough to suppress her moans. However, the room was so quiet that he could easily hear her sweet moans with full clarity. 


  And soon, she reached her climax. 




  Each time Siwoo’s fingers moved, Odile’s waist, which had been floating in mid-air, lowered momentarily. 


  Perhaps because of the sudden movement of her body, as if she received an electric shock, Siwoo’s finger, which had been stimulating Odile’s rear hole, slipped out.


  Startled by the sudden movement, Siwoo took a step back.


  And with that, he quickly caught sight of Odile’s alluring back figure.


  “Hmm… hm… hm…


  Odile’s exposed buttocks, peering over the slightly ajar boxer, repeatedly clenched and loosened, despite Siwoo not even laying a finger on them.


  Odile’s legs, which barely supported her weight, wobbled like a newborn giraffe, while her hips gyrated up and down in a rhythmic motion, as if they were dancing to a tune only she could hear. 




  As Siwoo observed Odile’s erotic backside, he became surprised when he noticed something there. 


  The boxer that had been in direct contact with Odile’s quivering love tunnel. 


  The white colored boxer had a damp gray hued stain along the crotch area.


  Since witches didn’t need to use the bathroom, it was clear what the meaning behind that liquid stain was. 




  As if the earthquake wreaking her body had stopped, Odile’s trembling also subsided. 


  A hot sigh marked the end of this lewd experiment.


  There was nothing left to say.


  Siwoo shaft throbbed, as Odile’s undergarment was soaked in her love juices. 


  Odile, who had buried her head in the bed till then, cautiously turned around.


  Her pupils were burning with intense desire.


  “What, what are you doing? Mr. Assistant.”




  “Experiment… you said you’d help me with it.”


  Siwoo was taken aback by Odile’s words that were oozed in excitement and sensuality. 


  He found it difficult to comprehend what she was saying as he was already helping her with the experiment.


  “Didn’t I just help you?”


  “I told you… I wanted to know if I could feel better with Mr. Assistant’s touch.”


  Siwoo was puzzled by her words.


  ‘Didn’t I help her just now?’ 


  He was surprised by Odile’s intense physical response to his touch.


  Moreover, with the boxer being so wet, he was sure that Odile must have had an orgasm already.


  “It’s not finished yet. I haven’t felt anything yet. It’s no different from doing it alone… so…”


  After glancing at Siwoo for a moment, Odile averted her gaze when their eyes met and started whining. 


  “What are you doing, Mr. Assistant? Experiment… we have to continue the experiment.”


  ‘Did she go mad?’ 


  No matter how insensitive Siwoo was, he knew very well why Odile was acting like that. 


  From the moment he had inserted his finger inside her anal crevice, he was sure that the apprentice witch had started trembling due to the pleasure she was feeling from that act. 


  Moreover, his continued fingering eventually led to her reaching an orgasm. 


  He was perplexed as to why she was lying and pretending like an ostrich that thought it wouldn’t be found out if it just buried its head in the sand?


  ‘Is it because she wants to feel more pleasure?’ 


  “Weren’t you already feeling good?”


  With his libido at an all-time high, Siwoo tried to confirm Odile’s true intentions with the last bit of conscience he could muster in himself. 


  “What are you talking about? I wasn’t feeling anything.”


  Odile shamelessly replied, avoiding Siwoo’s gaze.


  “Then let’s try a bit more.”


  Normally, Siwoo would have simply let it go, saying something along the lines of ‘If you don’t feel anything even after doing this much, it seems like Ms. Odile’s theory is probably wrong.’


  However, a man who opted to remain silent despite witnessing such a playful side of an enchanting woman was a eunuch, not a man.


  Without a shadow of a doubt, if they were men, they would have made the same choice as Siwoo.


  “Wait a minute, Mr. Assistant,”


  ‘Did she finally have a change of mind?’ 


  Odile grabbed Siwoo’s hand before he could reach out and grab her boxers. 


  Siwoo stopped, feeling a mixture of relief and disappointment intertwine in his mind.


  “Yes, Ms. Odile.”


  “Well, you know… I’ve thought about it, and maybe it’s not enough with just your fingers.”


  “What do you mean…?”


  “Well, you know… When I think about when I felt good, I realized that it wasn’t your finger… what you put in, in my anus, it was Mr. Assistant’s dick…”


  Siwoo gulped audibly at her words. 


  He patiently awaited for Odile to complete her sentence.


  Odile cast a quick glance over her shoulder and looked at Siwoo. When their eyes met, she became startled and shifted her gaze back to the front. 


  “Of course, I know that doing it from behind like this is a bit embarrassing. And it’s also a little shameful that a slave like Mr. Assistant and an apprentice witch like myself… Well, it’s a bit inappropriate for us to be connected like this, you know?”




  Odile began to beat around the bush.


  Perhaps she hoped in her heart that Siwoo would speak up first.


  After remaining quiet for a while, Odile reluctantly opened her mouth when there was no response coming from him.


  “But it’s not really the first time, is it? Anything is difficult the first time around, but it’s said to be easier from then on… So, um… well, that’s why I’m saying… Like what we did before… that…”


  Siwoo gulped once again. 


  “Just insert the tip… would you like to try?”


  ‘Just the tip?’ 


  Siwoo wasn’t sure if he would be able to control his burning lust. 


  “Are you sure it’s okay?”


  “Don’t have strange thoughts… it’s just an extension of our experiment…”


  Siwoo lowered his gaze to his erect dick; the throbbing organ seemed ready to burst out of his pants for quite some time already. 


  He then looked at Odile’s luscious hips, swaying seductively in front of his eyes. 


  Unlike last time, when he was tied to the sofa and could only watch her insert his penis in her back hole, he was now able to hold onto her hips and move inside her however he wanted. 


  He would be able to fully satisfy his lust this way. 


  “Come on, Mr. Assistant! Are you going to do it or not?”


  Odile grew more irritated as her embarrassment grew with Siwoo’s prolonged inaction. 


  Given her usual personality, the idea of proposing to bend over as though she was receiving an injection must have made her extremely uncomfortable. It was probably to the point that she was getting increasingly angry with the passage of time. 


  However, her desire to obtain even greater pleasure was enough to outweigh the embarrassment she was feeling right now. 


  ‘It’s something we’ve already done once anyways.’ 


  ‘Let’s make it count this time around.’ 


  Siwoo hooked his fingers through Odile’s boxers. 


  Since he had to strip her down in order to proceed with the act. 


  “Wait, don’t take it all off… just lower it a little.”


  “Like this?”


  “Yeah… just like that.”


  Siwoo pulled the rubber band and lowered the boxer as per her orders.


  Due to the close proximity of the female genitalia to the anus, Odile’s glistening mounds, already damp with her sweet nectar, formed an impressive sight around the perineum.


  The glistening aromatic oil accentuated the wrinkles of her sphincter, making them more prominent, and the plump petals beneath her rear hole were also a mesmerizing sight. 


  It was now possible for him to put his dick inside her anal hole. 


  “You know, you have to put only the tip in, right?” 


  “Yes, I understand.”


  Siwoo answered noncommittally and pulled his rock-hard cock out of his pants, aiming it at Odile’s puckered hole. 


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