City of Witches Chapter 50

Late Night Tutoring (5)

༺ Late Night Tutoring (5) ༻




  Odile nervously waited for Siwoo’s touch. 


  Her face flushed with embarrassment, and her head felt dizzy from the heat.


  It was a sensation she had never felt before while she was pleasuring herself all alone. 


  In truth, Odile was already convinced that her theory was correct.


  She had felt a shiver run down her spine when his fingers, soaked in aromatic oil, teased her filthy hole.


  Every time Siwoo’s fingers slid back and forth inside her impure canal, her body shuddered violently, just like she had imagined it to react from the erotic novel of the delivery man.


  It was the strange sensation of a foreign body penetrating her own.


  What was more bizarre was the searing heat she was feeling from her lower abdomen that triumphed the feeling of something foreign entering her body. 


  If they had wanted to stop, they could have quit within 10 seconds of starting this act, and at one point even Odile was considering stopping this shameful act in the middle. 


  ‘But that unfamiliar sensation I felt just then.’ 


  That very sensation prevented Odile from deciding to end the experiment.


  Even though there was no potion affecting her head and dizzying her mind this time around, her breathing gradually became faster and faster with time. 


  As he touched her body, she felt a hot rush of pleasure run through her whole body, causing her legs to tremble.


  Odile didn’t hate such a feeling in the slightest. 


 On the contrary, she felt curious and wanted to keep feeling it more and more. 


  Odile’s condition was comparable to that of a puppy in heat for the very first time; a puppy who was rubbing its genitals against a blanket, trying to feel more pleasure. 


  Because of those emotions, she was feeling, she stifled her moans and surrendered her body to his hands.


  ‘Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.’ 


  If she was feeling so much pleasure with just this, she couldn’t wait to feel the intense pleasure awaiting her further down the road. 


  And then, for the first time, she felt it.


  As the layers of pleasure that had been building up inside her body finally collapsed with Siwoo’s passionate caresses, she felt a bright light flashing in her mind— a light she had never witnessed before.


  The sensation was similar to a burst of light as if Odile’s entire body was enveloped in a euphoric and warm light.


  “Haah… haah…”


  As she clenched the blanket she was holding tightly between her teeth to cover her mouth and muffle her embarrassed voice, she suddenly remembered a time when she felt something like this before.


  It was akin to the first time she had tasted a sweet dessert.


  Her perception of the world of taste, which previously seemed limited, was expanded by the melting sponge cake and the sweet whipped cream she tasted at the time.


  Since then, Odile used all of her pocket money to take Odette to every pastry shop in Gehenna.


  With the unwavering determination to conquer all the desserts in the City of Witches. 


  Despite both of them getting a lot of cavities and their allowances being cut in half after getting caught, they still enjoyed the consumption of sweets albeit under strict supervision.




  Long story short, this situation was similar to the sensation she had felt when tasting the sweet dessert for the very first time. 


  A new sense of sweetness.


  She’d come to experience something new and exciting once again.


  Odile had a strong urge to keep discovering and having new experiences, just as she had developed an obsession with endlessly trying out new desserts.


  She felt wave after wave of euphoria even when Siwoo merely used his fingers. 


  ‘How would it feel if he used his dick instead?’ 


  ‘Wouldn’t I feel much more pleasure than what I was feeling now?’ 


  Even if it meant that she had to lie, even if it meant that she had to put her shame aside… it didn’t matter to her as long as she was able to satiate her curiosity. 


  And when Odile became curious about something,


  ‘I must find out the truth at any and all costs to appease my mind.’ 




  Siwoo grasped his stiff and erect dick with his hand.


  Gently, almost teasingly, he rubbed the pre-cum soaked glans in between Odile’s buttocks. 




  ‘I’ve noticed it before but how can a body be so soft and elastic like hers?’ 


  He was sure that just rubbing like this was enough for him to ejaculate with enough time. 


  “I’ll really put it in.”


  “Uh… yeah! You know, you only need to put in the tip, right?”


  Siwoo didn’t know if it would work out as she said, however, for now, he grabbed Odile’s hips and pushed his glans firmly into her butthole. 


  Her glittering, delicious-looking rear hole was covered in aromatic oil.


  Odile had already mentioned that it was a hole she didn’t need to use, but it was still an excretory organ, so it was understandable for one to feel repulsive. However, that thought never crossed his mind. 


  Actually, Siwoo has developed a strange sense of immorality as a result of having kinky sex rather than the traditional way of making love.




  Was it because he had loosened her anus by stimulating it with his fingers beforehand or was it perhaps due to Odile being much more comfortable with the act as it was their second time? He was unsure of the reason behind it. 


  But, the fact here was that… Siwoo’s dick penetrated her rear hole much much more smoothly than the first time.


  “Ah, it hurts…! Go slower…! Ahh…!”


  Odile’s body began to tremble in agony as soon as the bulbous tip dipped into her hole just the slightest bit. 


  Whines and shouts of pain echoed out of her lips. 


  In fact, the difference in their body size was quite significant.


  Siwoo was tall for a Korean man, with a larger dick than your average person, whereas Odile’s physique was noticeably smaller than his own.


  Needless to say, the narrow rear hole was where the difference between their sizes stood out the most. 


  From Odile’s point of view, even the insertion of only the tip of Siwoo’s dick was pushing her to her very limits. 


  But there was no chance of turning back left for her now. 


  Siwoo lowered his knees.


  Braced his legs.


  Clenched his fist.


  Opened his eyes wide.


  Gritted his teeth.


  Grabbed his dick tightly, and took a large step forward.


  Despite the vigorous resistance coming from Odile’s anus, Siwoo continued to push his dick inside without giving in for even a moment.




  As soon as he inserted beyond a certain depth, Odile’s puckering canal began to suck in Siwoo’s member into its depths. 


  Odile hopped up and tiptoed on her feet as his glans slipped in her hole completely.


  Her torso that had been lying down suddenly sprung up, like a spring, creating a sleek curve in her upper body; akin to the keel of a sailboat.




  Siwoo couldn’t help but curse under his breath.


  The overwhelming ecstasy he felt from her extremely tight hole forced him to curse. 


  Fortunately, Odile was too lost in her own pleasure at the moment to hear his vulgar speech. All she could do was let her body tremble unceasingly in the throes of pain and pleasure. 


  “Did it… go all the way in?”


  “Yes, it’s inside.”


  The dick being gently wrapped by the soft insides of her rear hole was likely the reason behind the extreme pleasure he experienced. 


  However, after inserting his shaft like this once, he felt like he needed to resist the urge to push it inside her even more.


  After all, what Odile had requested of Siwoo was to simply insert the tip of his dick inside her rear hole, and Siwoo was ready to pull his member out at any moment. 


  The urge he felt to push his whole dick inside her soft insides was also expected as Odile was seductively swaying her hips without any sense of shame. 


  “Mr. Assistant… Would you like to try moving once now? You’re curious, aren’t you….?”


  Odile spoke slowly.


  She said in a timid voice, which was unlike her usual confident self.


  Siwoo wondered if she was even aware of how shy she sounded right now as he placed his hands on the area he had wanted to touch for some time now.


  It was the place where someone would hold their partner’s waist before fucking her in the doggy-style position. 


  The place to hold before fucking one’s partner in the doggy style position is commonly known as the “love handle,” where the waist meets the hip bones.


  Siwoo was startled when he grabbed Odile’s love handles that were exposed as the nightgown rose up her waist.


  Even though it was visibly thin and small, he could feel it more distinctly as he held it with both of his hands.


  Women with petite bodies like Odile had a graceful curve to them that was difficult to describe in words.


  It was completely different from the stocky waist of a man.


  As he held her love handles with both of his hands, he felt like he was riding a pony.


  “Is it okay to move now?”


  Simultaneously, a sense of danger emerged in his mind.


  His manhood was inserted forcibly into such a small hole.


  No matter how much Odile’s body was half-spiritual, he couldn’t help but think that something terrible might happen if he moved back and forth inside her.


  “For now… ah… since it doesn’t hurt, it should be okay, right…?”


  Odile’s rear hole twitched and tightened around his cock, giving Siwoo immense pleasure even without doing any movements inside her rear hole. 


  ‘How will it feel if her soft insides clench around my cock as I move back and forth inside of her?’ 


It was natural for him to become curious about this.


  “Well, try putting a little more in for now.”


  “Uh… yeah, I was trying to put only the tip in, but I guess it can’t be helped…” 


  Moreover, it seemed like Odile’s curiosity was also piqued. 


  Even though she had clearly told him to only put the tip in, Odile was now acquiescing to Siwoo’s actions without any signs of resistance.


  While Siwoo was engrossed in exploring the unknown sensation he had never experienced before, all of a sudden he felt a chill run down his spine.


  Siwoo instinctively felt a sense of danger at that moment.




  Behind him, he could hear the sounds of a door closing in the distance. 


  Akin to a herbivore sensing the presence of an apex predator, Siwoo was also able to detect the danger that was swiftly approaching his way. 


  It was the sound of Amelia opening the door and leaving her room.


  “Mr. Assistant…? Why are you just standing there?”


  “Shh, shh, shh.”


  Siwoo, who was quietly trying to hear Amelia’s movement, leaned in and urgently whispered into Odile’s ears.


  “Ms. Odile, I think Ms. Amelia is coming to my room right now.”


  “What? Hiik!” 


  Odile hurriedly rose from her sprawled state. 


  Then, Siwoo’s member that had been inside of her slipped out with a squelching sound.


  It seemed that even Odile knew that it was not good to show such an appearance to Amelia.


  “What do I do? What do I do!?”


  “The music box! Use the music box!”


  “That won’t work in front of a witch as powerful as Ms. Professor. It won’t fool her if she’s right in front of us!”


  In a panic, Odile hurriedly put on her boxer and her cloak in her body.


  Her eyes darted around, searching for a place to hide.


  There wasn’t much time for Siwoo to waste.


  He quickly pointed under the bed and spoke.


  “Hide here for now.”


  Siwoo was unable to predict how Amelia would react to finding an exclusive slave with the apprentice witch alone in the room together in the middle of the night in this manner.


  He could not guarantee any answer as to how things would pan out in that scenario.


  They could try to make up an excuse, but there was a chance that Amelia would find their explanation suspicious and report them to Lady Gemini directly.


  Siwoo was uncomfortable with his current circumstances and had a bad feeling about how things would turn out.


  While Odile wiggled and crawled under the bed,


  Siwoo quickly dressed in a worn-out work uniform that he was using as a substitute for pajamas and opened the door.




  As soon as he opened the door, he was greeted with the sight of Amelia standing in front. 


  She was dressed in a white nightgown and held a lamp in one hand to illuminate the dark surroundings.


  Siwoo hadn’t heard the door open as she entered his room. 


  Given how close they were to each other, Amelia might have thought there was no need for her to knock before opening his bedroom door. 


  Siwoo felt cold sweat pouring down like a waterfall behind his back but tried to appear calm and composed as he greeted Amelia respectfully. 


  “Ms. Amelia, what brings you here at such a late hour?”


  Siwoo blocked the door with his body; as if fearing that she might see Odile hiding under the bed.


  Amelia tilted her head slightly and looked at Siwoo, who was drenched in sweat right now.


  “Siwoo, what were you doing in your room? You’re sweating so much…”


  “Hehe… I was just exercising. I haven’t been using my body much lately, so I have plenty of stamina left.”


  ‘To be exact, I was about to do back exercises before you barged in.’


  He planned to talk to Amelia in a way that wouldn’t reveal that anything was amiss with him or his room, but he wasn’t certain if she would be fooled by his acting.


  “I came to talk to you about something.”


  “The room is a bit messy. Let’s go to the living room.”


  Siwoo tried to close the door naturally, but Amelia didn’t budge from her spot.


  Without pushing her aside, it was impossible to leave the room and close the door, making the situation incredibly awkward for him.


  “Are you hiding anything?”


  Siwoo’s heart sank at Amelia’s unusual behavior.


  She even leaned over to peer inside the room and get a better view. 


  Considering Siwoo’s careful posture and straight gait, his current appearance seemed a bit suspicious to Amelia. 


  “Hiding something… what do you mean? That’s ridiculous!”


  Siwoo opened the door wide instead; as though she was inviting her to look inside. of hiding.


  He had already provided enough time for Odile to hide.


  Amelia wouldn’t be aware of her presence unless Odile happened to sneeze at the wrong time.




  Amelia looked back and forth between the messy room and Siwoo’s face before stepping back.


  Siwoo closed the door and entered the living room as if he had been waiting for her to do just that.


  “So, what brings you here?”


  “I came to give you this.”


  Siwoo finally paid attention to the object in Amelia’s hand.


  It was a pile of clothes.


  She gave him something once again. 


  Lately, Amelia felt like a mob from an RPG event to him.


  Whenever they met or she visited him, she always handed him some snacks or cigarettes.


  “You can’t live in those shabby clothes, your room will get dirty, won’t it? Change into these at night.”


  Amelia’s latest drop item was a pajama set made of wool that would put him to sleep just by putting it on.


  “Thank you, my sleeping situation has been quite uncomfortable lately, so this is the perfect attire for that.”


  Siwoo expressed his appreciation to Amelia and bowed his head deeply.


  After being shown gratitude, Amelia nodded her head as if acknowledging that she was deserving of such gratitude, and proceeded to take a seat at the table in the living room.


  ‘Why isn’t she going back?’ 


  He stood beside her with a sense of hesitation.


  Even standing close to her made him feel uneasy.


  In the midst of Siwoo’s tense and nervous state, Amelia opened her mouth.


  “I’m planning on going to Border Town tomorrow. Please, accompany me.”


  She suddenly put forth an unexpected offer to go out together. 





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