Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 78

The Descendant of Pluto (5) 🔞

    ༺ The Descendant of Pluto (5) ༻   


  “You’ll have to lie down for another day to regain your strength according to the healer. You’re stronger than I thought, Samaritan. You’ve improved your stamina, haven’t you?”

   According to Hippolyte, her memory erasure spell left me unconscious for a day or so.

   Did I end up only fainting for a day because I drank Luna’s potion beforehand? I wasn’t sure.

   “W-What happened to Luna?”

   “She was sent on a quest because of the cultist attack. She’s engraving an ‘X’ mark on every house. She’ll probably come to pick you up tomorrow.”

   Pick up. It was kind of strange to refer to people as if they were objects but I guess that’s just how things are in this barbaric world.

   Moreover, it probably didn’t mean much coming from Hippolyte as she spoke in a stiff and military-esque tone.

   “Then take a rest. I have to warm up for tomorrow’s work. I’ll sleep a little later.”

   “I’m sorry for sleeping on your bed.”

   “Don’t be sorry. I don’t mind it either way. It’s partly my fault, to begin with.”

   Hippolyte then started doing push-ups and other bodyweight exercises in a corner of the room while I was lying on the bed.

   As she was wearing short black-colored workout-like clothes, the movements of her elastic muscles along with the curve of her sweaty waist were fatal for one’s sight.

   What stood out in particular, were her voluptuous and alluring breasts that were protruding through the sweat-drenched crop top that was clinging to her voluptuous body.

   That aside, a kind of strange and hot scent was filling my surroundings.

   “Huuuh, twenty, twenty oneee…”

   It was then that I lost my composure after realizing that what was making my lower body stand up so magnificently was something that Hippolyte was releasing— something akin to pheromones. How could she seduce a man like this?

   No, Hippolyte probably wasn’t aware of such matters. She was the farthest from any sexual matters, she probably didn’t even masturbate once in her life.

   “F-Fifty-one… Whoo.”

   That made her look so defenseless, and ironically, made me even more excited about what was happening in front of my eyes.

   She was a healthy and beautiful woman, no man could possibly resist her charms.

   The blanket covering my lower body was very thin, thus the chances of my erection getting spotted were very likely. That was why, I started singing the national anthem in my mind to calm my raging lower body.

   “My forearm isn’t improving much lately. Your body is pretty well trained Samaritan. Do you know any special training techniques for it?”

   Hippolyte, who had been checking herself out in the mirror for a while suddenly talked to me. Damn, I’m glad she finally stopped with her exercises.

   “You’re asking me how to exercise?”


   Shen then approached me and carefully stared at my bandage-wrapped body.

   A certain part of my body was currently making me feel very embarrassed but I was afraid it would anger her if I tried to hide it so I acted nonchalant about it.
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   “It never got as thick as yours no matter how much I trained.”

   “I think it’s just the inherent difference between men and women. Aren’t your muscles many times stronger than mine despite being thinner?”

   “But I still lost to Knoxdotty. I was completely defeated by that soft kid who seemed to have never trained in her life. What about that?”

   Why is she asking about this out of the blue?

   What should I say here? I was desperately thinking of something to say that wouldn’t result in my defenseless solar plexus getting hammered by her fist again.

   “I-It was probably an accident. Miss Hippolyte fought hard with the cultists the day before and you might have been tired… Yes, you weren’t in perfect condition. That’s it.”

   “So you’re saying that I’m an idiot who can’t even exert her full strength unless I am in perfect condition?!”

   Why was she getting so angry? Damn, was this the so-called unblockable move? Damned if I say anything, and damned if I don’t.

   I’m completely screwed right now. Will it be a week until I wake up this time?

   Wait, am I even going to wake up this time around? Just as such terrifying thoughts filled my head, Hippolyte softly spoke out.

   “You’re actually right. I’m a complete idiot. A moron that can only exert her strength during the day. Very few people know about this fact.”

   “I-Is that so?”

   “I’m powerless under the moonlight. I had a similar feeling when I was fighting against Knoxdotty. It was as if there were shackles all over my body.”

   “M-Maybe it’s because her name is Luna. She has moon in her name…”

   “You’re talking nonsense now, Samaritan. That aside… That aside, why is your lower body standing up like that?”

   Hippolyte looked at my lower body and narrowed her brows as if she found my current state to be absurd.

   My lower body which had calmed down a little rose up again after Hippolyte approached me with her sweaty body.

   Any healthy man would have the same reaction if a woman who had been vigorously working up a sweat suddenly approached him like that.

   “That’s how a man’s body is, always getting feisty for no reason at all. It’s not something I intended to happen, yes, definitely…”

   “…I see.”

   That was how my awkward conversation with Hippolyte ended.

   Because I had a passive skill that made me very weak against strong women like Elfriede, the Flame Witch, and Nemea, the Alchemist Witch, it was also very awkward for me to be alone in a room with Hippolyte who could be seen as your typical strong woman.

   I’ll quickly get out of here tomorrow and enjoy my freedom to the fullest.

   Probably because of not being fully recovered yet, I lost consciousness and fell asleep while thinking about that.

   Unwrap— Unwrap—

   The reason I regained my senses was that I could feel something moving and sometimes rubbing against me which was slightly tickling me.

   I couldn’t see anything because of the darkness, but I could tell that someone was changing the bandages that were wrapped around my body.

   The way she was carefully and attentively taking care of my bandages was surprisingly kind of her.
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   I didn’t know if I should wake up right now and say thank you to her or just pretend to still be asleep. Due to my hesitation, I ended up missing the right timing to wake up.

   Let’s just go back to sleep. And right as I thought so.

   Swoosh— Swoooosh—

   After removing all my bandages, I could feel Hippolyte’s touch on my skin, and perhaps because she had applied ointment to them, they felt smooth, cold, and somewhat subtle.


   She went from my chest to my abs and my sides. She was firmly rubbing my body with her hands. It felt good, like a refreshing and cool ‘Mulpas’ being applied to my body. 1Mulpas is a muscle-pain reliever, it’s liquid a paste/liquid.

   What medicine was she using on me? I want one. Though it was probably expensive since it was used by a famous adventurer like her.

   Press— Preeess—

   She would sometimes also press on my body with a moderate amount of force as if she was trying to massage me. It helped relieve my fatigue quite a lot.

   Just like I thought the last time, Hippolyte was really good at giving massages. I’ll just enjoy this massage while pretending to be unaware of her actions and then go to sleep for real. I stayed silent while thinking like that.

   Was pretending to be asleep going to cause problems? Hippolyte’s hands, which had been applying medicine to my body, were gradually moving down from my chest toward my thighs and pelvis.

   The blanket covering my lower body fell down and I tightly closed my eyes in response.

   Damn it, no matter how kind you are, you’re not gonna apply medicine there too, right?

   I couldn’t calm down, and my heart was pounding at a fast pace. It felt as if I was going to die any second.

   “I-I have to apply it there too…”

   Hippolyte’s barely audible mutter, in this dark space, sounded especially clear to me.

   “…Pardon me.”

   Since she thought I was asleep, Hippolyte went on and started applying the ointment to my thighs, knees, and calves without asking for my permission.

   Swoosh— Wet—

  Of course, her movements themselves were very formal and awkward, so it wasn’t anything exciting or naughty in a sense.

   But the fact that I was lying in an unfamiliar woman’s bed while being nursed by her was making me harder and harder with each passing second.

   Bulge— Bulge—

   I was doing my best to calm myself down, but more and more blood was continuously rushing toward my lower body with no way for me to stop it. It was slowly pushing up my roughly worn underwear forming a magnificent tent.

   Hippolyte, who was stroking my thighs audibly flinched after noticing my state. She must be feeling embarrassed. I’m feeling just as embarrassed, damn it.

   “Samaritan… Are you still awake?”

   Hippolyte then lightly whispered, calling out to me. Was she trying to check whether I was asleep or awake?

   I had now two choices in front of me. Pretend to be asleep, or pretend to have just woken up.

   But what could I say after waking up to such a huge erection?
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   It’s perfectly normal for healthy men to get erections during their sleep, was what I wanted to say, in fact. And just as I was quickly trying to come up with words to explain this to a woman like her.

   “Was it just my imagination…? It grows on its own, even during sleep it seems.”

   But Hippolyte came to a conclusion by herself before I even had a chance to decide on what to do, and because of that, I just continued to pretend to be asleep.

   “Do men seriously carry such things around with them? No wonder the balance of their lower body is messed up. Might as well cut it off…”

   Damn, what the hell was she spouting in front of a sleeping man’s dick? I was utterly terrified at the prospect of Hippolyte cutting off my erect schlong.

   Because of that, my schlong, which was previously unbeknownst of the fear of silver-tier adventurers and was thus swelling and soaring arrogantly lost a little of its strength and slightly sunk down.

   Tap— Tap-—

   I suddenly felt something awkwardly touching my underwear and nearly jumped up and arched my waist in surprise due to that.

   I initially thought she accidentally touched me while applying the medicine around my pelvic region.


   However, when I slightly opened my eyes, I was able to see Hippolyte sitting in the dark while seriously looking down at my erect dick with a keen gaze.

   Hippolyte raised her finger as if about to press a button, then repeatedly kept poking my hard cock.

   It was neither a massage, nor did it have anything to do with applying medicine. But it couldn’t really be considered a weird sexual experience either.

   It was more similar to the notion of a curious child touching something they didn’t know about.

   I was rather distraught at the realization that I unexpectedly became a living dummy for sexual education.

   “It’s harder than I thought…”

   Hippolyte seemed to be so nervous that she didn’t even notice that her thoughts were leaking out of her mouth. .

   Tap— Tap— Tap—

   Hippolyte who was slowly poking my schlong with her index finger suddenly cleared her throat and then hummed as if she had suddenly realized something.

   “Hmmmm, hmmm. Samaritan, answer me if you’re still awake.”

   Did she notice that I was just pretending to be asleep? Maybe she was giving me a chance to come out clean right now.

   “Hmmm, you’re just like a log, that’s quite the silly face you’re making there.”

   Hippolyte then pulled down the underwear that was wrapped around my lower body.

   What? Did she just take off the pants of someone sleeping just like that? I could feel my hot burning rod come in contact with the cold air, making the back of my head tingle.

   The fact that I was now naked in front of a woman, made me feel a strange kind of erotic excitement, making my cock even harder than it was initially.

   Bulge— Bulge—

   “A-A vein… It looks so hideous…”

   She then looked at my exposed schlong that had nothing left to cover its magnificence and began evaluating it with her keen eyes. She then started to rub my inner thighs with her ointment-coated hands.
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   “…I-I’m just applying medicine here.”

   I don’t know who she was talking to like that, nor who were these excuses supposed to be for. I just know that she continued stroking my groin and thighs with her hands.

   However, the way she was lightly brushing the shaft of my dick and glans with the back of her hand made me feel quite suspicious about the nature of her acts.

   She was definitely touching it deliberately.

   She was actually very interested in what she was touching but took an “I don’t actually want to do this, I have no choice-” type of approach because she was burdened by ethics, morality, and rules pertaining to her current actions.

   I did a lot of massages so I knew what she was going through right now.

   And, damn, that aside, Hippolyte is actually interested in my lower body.

   Does she like me?

   No, no, that’s the kind of mistake I used to make in middle and high school just because a woman was talking to me or smiling at me for a moment.

   After accumulating multiple defeats throughout my life, I knew very well that very few girls would actually come to like me.

   I was, until recently, still a slave at the bottom of the food chain, while Hippolyte is a woman who made it far enough up the social ladder to be called the hero of a city.

   Objectively speaking, there was just nothing about me that would make her fall for me. It’s quite opposite actually…

   Anyway, I was kind of going crazy at the moment because I couldn’t figure out why Hippolyte was doing this to me.

   The only thing that I could come up with, that made some form of sense, was that Hippolyte, who was mostly surrounded by women paired with her vow of purity, didn’t know much about men and this was just her being curious since she seemingly found a harmless and fun toy to play around with.

   I also heard that women who exercise a lot secreted a relatively higher level of male hormones which increased their libido compared to ordinary women.

   “I-I have to apply medicine here too…”

   Perhaps that suppressed sexual drive and curiosity finally burst out while I was asleep. What should I do now?

   A part of me wanted to continue pretending to be asleep and enjoy this experience, while another equal part wanted to stop Hippolyte from going out of control.

   The other thing that immediately came to my mind was Luna’s face. The Luna who poured her all into making me an elixir even though she didn’t have much money.
   No matter what happens here, whether it ended up being something big or small, I thought I’d feel guilty while facing Luna in the future either way.

   I didn’t yet know how Luna really felt about me, but I seriously wanted to reach the gold-tier and marry her in the future.

   So what should I do now?

   Would Hippolyte freak out and stop this if I pretended to adjust my position while still acting to be asleep? Just when I was planning to do just that…


   Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately in this case, I could feel Hippolyte’s warm fingers, which were previously applying medicine, suddenly distance themselves from my body.

   I thought she might have noticed that I was actually awake, but it didn’t feel like that. It was as if she suddenly lost interest in me.

   That’s what I thought, at least.


   Until I heard Hippolyte letting out a sticky moan from one of the corners of the dark room.


   It sounded as though she had closed her mouth, trying her best to muffle her sultry voice, but I could still hear her gentle cat-like moans in the dark room anyway.

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    Mulpas is a muscle-pain reliever, it’s liquid a paste/liquid.
Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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