Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay In Another World Chapter 79

The Descendant of Pluto (6) 🔞

    ༺ The Descendant of Pluto (6)༻   


   Silver-tier adventurers were considered to be some of the most successful people in this world of barbarism.

   If I had to make an analogy, using my limited knowledge, they could be said to be big earners, like prosecutors or youtubers. Of course, not every adventurer was the same but that’s how it generally was for the people of that level.

   I could at least attest to the fact that Elfriede’s group was making quite a lot from their adventures. They earned themselves a big bag of silver coins every time they went through one of Pluto’s treasure troves. And I’m pretty sure they even occasionally got a few gold coins during exploration.

   That aside, with their profits being so high, it was natural that the quality of their living conditions – like food, clothing, and housing – would rise alongside it too.

   Delicious food.

   Nice clothes.

   A spacious and comfortable house.

   Hippolyte’s house, however, had only a single room and didn’t feel the least bit extravagant.

   It was basically just a warehouse where she lived and stored her belongings or essentially her sleeping quarters.

   As I had been scanning her room for my coin bag, I started thinking that rather than being frugal, Hippolyte just didn’t seem to see any need in getting a large house for herself.

   What I’m trying to say is that… Hippolyte’s house was quite small, and with the training equipment, bed, mirror, and armor stand thrown into the mix, it felt even more cramped than it already was.

   And because of that, I had no choice but to be aware of whatever Hippolyte was doing in the room.

   “…Hauu, huahh.”

   How long has it been already? It felt like decades, to be honest.

   Was it really that weird for my perception of time to get warped when I was lying on a bed while listening to a woman’s moans and sticky saliva sounds?


   I could hear her moans along with a wet and moist sound spread throughout the room.

   I opened my eyes, wondering what the origin of that sound was. Slowly, very slowly, I raised my head and glanced toward my feet, toward the location of that weird sound.

   After taking some time to get accustomed to the darkness, I could finally distinguish a black silhouette sitting with its back against the wall, and with its legs spread wide open, touching and stroking its huge and humongous breasts with its frantic hands.



   The way the figure was squeezing its own breasts with its sticky, colorless medicine-coated fingers was an extremely lewd sight.

   All miscellaneous thoughts that had been filling my head disappeared at that moment and my mind went blank. Accompanying that blankness was blood rushing to my head and my schlong, making the throbbing organ as hard as it could possibly become.

   And thus despite all I could see being a faint silhouette through the dim moonlight seeping through the window.

   Rather, the lack of vision only led to my imagination filling the gaps, making this scene even more so exciting.


   I could see Hippolyte’s index and thumb fingers press against the silhouette of her ample and full chest, pinching its pointy, perky ends like a button.


   Perhaps due to the intense stimulation she was feeling or her complete absorption in the moment, Hippolyte suddenly lost her balance and collapsed on the ground.
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   Then, as if the heater was turned on, the air in the enclosed room began getting hotter and hotter with each second.

   The scent of a woman’s sweat that reached my nose and stimulated my senses was almost driving me insane.


   Despite the fact that she was clearly suppressing her moans, and I had to really concentrate to hear them, they were still clearly resounding in my ears.

   This all felt like a dream.

   The adventurer everyone was looking up to was currently masturbating while fondling her own chest right next to me.

   Despite all the disorienting happenings, I was only able to keep my composure because of the abuse I received from my father when I was young, along with the self-control I had acquired after living with Elfriede for two years.

   It was nothing short of being akin to a superpower that transcended human limits.


   Still, it’s been going on for a dozen minutes already, I had to at least do something about my raging boner somehow. Should I pretend to go to the bathroom and take care of it there or just wait until I calm down and do nothing?

   I heard that too much blood clotting in the corpus cavernosum could cause necrosis in the surrounding tissue and blood vessels. .

   Anyway, even the absurdly strong and durable Hippolyte,

   “N-Not enough…”

   I snapped out of my thoughts and closed my eyes hurriedly in surprise at the voice that suddenly reached my ears. Hippolyte, who had been lying on the floor while panting depravedly and twisting her legs around suddenly stood up on her feet.

   Splat— Splat—

   I could hear the sounds of Hippolyte’s sweaty bare feet stepping on the smooth ground until I felt her presence close as she was now standing next to me.

   What? What is she going to do?

   Even then, I still couldn’t muster the courage to open my eyes.


   Soon after, I felt the cheap bed tilt to one side as the weight of another individual was added onto the bed.

   Hippolyte positioned her legs at both sides of my left shin and sat on top of it with her butt placed down.

   The feel of her firm, yet pillowy soft buttocks on my lower body nearly made me squeal.

   Swoop— Swoop—

   But the surprise I was feeling at the moment couldn’t even hope to compare to what happened next. Hippolyte quite literally started rubbing her crotch on my sleeping body.

   She was rubbing her cushiony ass on my arms, stomach, and chest, like a cat that was marking its territory.

   “It’s not bumpy enough…”

   Hippolyte was tossing and turning on top of me as if she was still dissatisfied about something. After a few minutes more of fidgeting over my body, she again sat back on my left shin.

   And while still sitting in that position, on top of my shin, she began rocking her waist back and forth, rubbing her soaked genitals on my shinbone and instep.

   Whenever my big toe lightly poked at her soft and supple lower body, she reacted with uncontrollable trembles and quiet gasps, as if the sensation was too much to bear.
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   She was probably looking for a body part that was prominent enough to stimulate her body adequately when she was scampering around rubbing her lower half on it.

   Swoop— Swooop—

   My shin got hotter and hotter as she kept rubbing her soaked and seething hot genital on top of it with desperate movements.

   Since Hippolyte’s ultra-mini hot pants were made of a strange and clingy material, I could clearly feel the shape of her round buttocks and the stimulating heat they were emanating. It honsetly felt like that she was wearing nothing at all at the moment.



   Her soft skin was continuously coming in contact with my calves, insteps, and outstretched toes.


   In particular, my protruding shinbone was experiencing a delicate and exquisite sensation within the small crevice that aesthetically splits a woman’s body into two. The sensation was so plump and soft that I could practically visualize the heavenly scene in my mind.

   “Huuh, haaa…”

   Swish— Swoosh— Splat—

   Despite my mind being filled with complex thoughts, Hippolyte continued to rub her lower body against mine, placing her hands on my thighs in a way that made it look like she was riding a horse.

   Swoooosh— Swooooosh—

   She was sometimes moving as slowly as a crawling snail.

   Swoosh— Swoosh— Swooosh—

   And at other times, violently, like she was riding a horse. In fact, so violent were her movements that I barely had any time to adapt to this absurd situation.

   Thanks to that, my calves were now throbbing, twitching, and pulsating ceaselessly, not too different from an aroused organ. To think she’s really using me as a masturbation toy. Did she lose her mind or something?

   Did she not think of the possibility of me waking up due to her actions? I can’t think of what would happen if I pretended to just awaken right now.

   “…Ang…haah, aha, haaah…”

   Splat— Splat—

   Hippolyte began moaning more and more with each moment.

   Maybe because of sweat or something else entirely, her cotton pants had become damp and now felt very smooth.

   The more she was moving her back while exhaling hot breaths, the more an obscene and strange smell was continuously reaching my nose.

   And yet, I couldn’t move my hands at all, let alone even pretend to wake up.

   Hippolyte might just instantly kill me in shame if I woke up right now. It’s not a figure of speech, she’d really kill me.

   “Huuuh, haaau, haa, n-not enough… Not enough, but…”

   This was true torture for me. If there was such a thing as a soft and warm hell, then this would be it.


   Soon, Hippolyte abruptly clung to my thighs, perhaps because she was about to collapse due to her intense workout.

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   Thanks to that, I could feel the sensation of her cushion-like breasts directly on my thighs. It was needless to describe just how stimulating that feeling was to me.

   All senses in my thighs were now heightened, I could more or less three-dimensionally picture their weight, temperature, softness, and shape in my head.

   They were quite heavy and large, yet soft and plush. Just like how I imagined they would be when I first saw them with my eyes.

   Amidst that indescribable softness of her heavy mountains, a nipple was firmly standing up. What color and shape was it?

   What was, however, even more stimulating to me was that because of the way she was sitting on my body, her face was positioned inevitably close to my crotch.


   I could clearly feel her hot breath on my firmly erect dick through my underwear as if that piece of clothe wasn’t even there in the first place.

   I heard that the fighting spirit of a strong adventurer would make one feel defenseless. Was it something like that?

   “Huuuuu, haaaa…”

   Hippolyte breathed in as if trying to completely fill her lungs with the aroma in the air. My hot and hard cock felt slightly cool for a moment because of that.

   “Sniff, hang…”

   Hippolyte took one big breath right above my dick and continued rubbing her lower body back and forth against the instep of my foot.

   Splat— Splat—

   My shin, ankle, instep, and toes were now damp and slimy as if a large slug had crawled over them, leaving a trail of mucus behind.

   “Aaah, ang, haang, haaa…”

   Hippolyte’s groans were gradually getting louder and harder to suppress. Had she given up on trying not to wake me up completely by now?

   Was she so much in the heat that she couldn’t think straight at all?

   “Huuaa, ang, haaa… Ang…”

   I didn’t expect such groans to come out of an overly-stern woman like her.

   Did anyone else know about this side of hers? I shook my head at this unexpected behavior from the warrioress lady.

   “Just, just a little bit more…”

   Splat— Splat— Swoop— Rub— Splat—

   Hippolyte’s waist movements became incredibly fast.

   And with that, the shabby bed began creaking out loud, and my body violently rocked around with her own.

   Still pretending to be asleep at this moment felt too far-fetched to me. Was Hippolyte doing this on purpose? Did she realize I was already awake? I slightly opened my eyes with that thought.


   She was squirming while rubbing her face against the huge bulge under my underwear. She was looking like she was at a loss as to what to do in this situation.

   The sight of her firm and curved back, and her raised hips under the moonlight was so mesmerizing that I could feel my blood rush to my head.

   In a way, the current Hippolyte was no different than a raving beast.

   A raving beast in heat, that is. A female in heat— so excited and horny that she didn’t even know what she was doing anymore.
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   There are multiple possible explanations for her current state. Maybe it was the excitement from her previous battle, or maybe the fact that she skipped her usual training recently, which left her with too much energy that she needed to somehow deplete… Damn it, I actually don’t know what’s happening anymore.

   “J-Just a little more…”

   Rub— Splat— Rub— Rub—

   After rubbing her waist on my shin back and forth, it was now making very obscene and sticky sounds.

   Hyppolyte too was getting more and more excited with each moment while emitting sounds that would only come from a female beast in heat writhing under the body of a male beast at the peak of their mating.

   The problem was that with her hands, tightly gripping my calves while straddling me like no tomorrow, they had now become very numb, perhaps because of the lack of blood flow in the region.

   And as if that wasn’t bad enough, I had also been lying down for a while without moving the slightest bit.

   Soon, a tingling sensation akin to being pricked by needles engulfed my calves, and I eventually ended up lifting my toes slightly to relieve that unbearable sensation.

   Rub— Swoosh—

   Then, I vividly felt my toes slightly digging into something beyond the thin cotton clothing of her hips. I could feel something strangely warm and moist being poked at the tip of my toes.

   At the same time, Hippolyte’s rocking body suddenly began trembling while letting out a strained scream.


   Flinch— Flinch— Flinch—

   Her shoulders and back began to intermittently shudder as if she was suffering from a seizure.

   “… Uuuh, ugh, haaa…”


   I nearly screamed in pain at the sudden increase of her already iron grip on my thighs.

   It would have really become awkward if I didn’t forcefully hold my breath to block my voice in this instant. Climbed atop my body, Hippolyte now just convulsed and trembled for a while without doing any other movements.

   “Huuuuuh… Huuaaaa…”

   Hippolyte’s quivering body then became limp. Thanks to that, I could now feel her soft chest and solid abs directly on my thighs, with nothing blocking that heavenly sensation.

   But, maybe because she was now feeling exhausted, her weight was fully pressed on top of me, and the weight felt quite substantial.

   Did she run out of energy after all that trembling and spasming? If I remember correctly, she seemed to be suffering from a debuff on moonlit nights so her stamina should be on the level of an ordinary person right now.

   She probably used up all her energy as I expected.


   Just as it was starting to get hard to bear Hippolyte’s weight, she suddenly sprang up and slowly reached out to my cock?

   What? Was she still in the mood for it? Is this just the start? Just as I started getting confused by such depraved thoughts…

   “Whoo… No, I’m calm now. Hmm, looks like my period is getting closer…”

   She said such words as if trying to comfort herself. She then scurried off to a corner, opened the door, and ran off somewhere.

   Left alone in the room, I began breathing heavily like a man that was deprived of oxygen after holding his breath for a long time. My heart was pounding so fiercely against my chest that I just couldn’t calm down.

   I didn’t know if this was natural.

   But the room was full of Hippolyte’s smell. The smell of the boiling blood of a woman in complete heat.

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Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

Pseudo Resident’s Illegal Stay in Another World

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