The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 114


DC ༻




  Blood flowed freely from her eyes, ears, and mouth.


  Ferzen Von Shweig Louerg.


  The beings he conjured gnawed at Lizzy’s mental fortitude just by being observed.


  They were alien, no…..They were something incomprehensible to the human mind.


  And in the face of such beings, Lizzy silently raised her hands.


  — If thou hast seen his face. 


  — Then thou will offer yer sight as a sacrifice.


  No words were spoken, yet they resounded in her mind.


  A strange tone, neither masculine nor feminine, enveloped her mind.


  Because of such a pleasant voice, her mind didn’t even try to rationalize the order given, as Lizzy attempted to pluck out her eyes.


  Just as she was about to gouge her eyes……


  Ferzen intervened, having come closer to her pitiful figure.




  The moment Ferzen touched her, Lizzy felt her muddled mind clear up.


  However, this couldn’t be said to be a good thing either.


  Perceiving the sight before her with a clear mind was just another form of torture.




  Her will was easily broken.


  She had been willing to sell her soul to a demon in order to kill him.


  She had resolved herself to become a monster so she could kill him.


  But now……There was no such thing.


  After all, what could she become to kill the being in front of her? 


  The wolf had finally discarded the lamb’s mask.


  But even then, the wolf was nothing more than another mask.


  And Lizzy could glimpse at the true nature of the being using the wolf’s mask, bringing an indescribable fear within her.




  Before long, he opened his mouth, uttering her name as his large hand caressed her cheek.


  However, his touch was a desecration of an affectionate gesture. 


  His expression was tyrannical, his tone was low-pitched, and his presence was more intimidating than ever.


  “You……Did you come to rescue me?”


  If not, then……




  Though he didn’t finish his words, Lizzy clearly understood their meaning as her body trembled like a bamboo tree in the middle of a raging storm.


  She wanted to flee this cursed place immediately.


  Unfortunately, this wasn’t a simple nightmare she could wake up from.


  As the silence dragged on, the monstrosities around Ferzen extended parts of their twisted bodies to grab hold of her limbs.




  A grotesque and chilling sensation.


  Although she wasn’t injured, it felt as if countless insects were gnawing at her flesh, and maggots squirmed under her skin.


  Soon, the beings touched more than her arms and legs, and their appendages swept under her clothes.


  Lizzy couldn’t bear the pure disgust rising within her as she began to retch continuously. 




  Seeing this, Ferzen clicked his tongue in slight annoyance as the monstrosities threw her body on the ground.


  Funnily, from the perspective of those beings, the mere attempt at physical contact was in fact, a very gentlemanly gesture.


  But just as a human consideration could spell doom for ants, Lizzy couldn’t endure the twisted kindness of those beings.


  “Ah……! Ugh……Hukk!……”


  She fell to the ground, curling up and embracing her knees tightly as she continued to tremble.


  It was the only defense mechanism her mind could muster at this moment.


  Although only five minutes had passed since her encounter with Ferzen, her mind was already exhausted, exposing her true self in a blatant way.




  Without saying a word, Ferzen courteously lowered himself and grabbed her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes. 


  “Lizzy Poliana Claudia.”




  “How long should I wait for your answer?”




  Confronted with this situation, Lizzy resolved herself to not yield to this madness anymore.


  Yet, despite her resolve, surrendering to the being in front of her was frighteningly easy.


  “I……I came…To…Rescue…..You, Professor…….”


  Despite being the only ones here, Lizzy addressed Ferzen not as an individual but as a ‘professor,’ a desperate attempt to appeal to his obligation as a professor to protect his students.


  But there was no way Ferzen didn’t know of this, and he could also notice her lies.


  However, fortunately, or unfortunately, her timing was off.


  Had Lizzy arrived just a bit earlier.


  Had she revealed her pitiful fangs and tried to bite his neck……


  Then without a doubt, the Claudia family would be no more.


  “I see.”


  Regretful as it may be, there was no need to cry over the spilled milk.


  But that was beside the point.


  Ferzen also realized that Lizzy’s trauma had weakened significantly, an unmistakable sign that she was overcoming it.


  Through the hardships of her life, she had been tempered, and the moment she overcame her trauma, Lizzy would undoubtedly become an overwhelming Warlock.


  Still, there was no need to fear the threat once it was known. After all, all he had to do was tighten the loosened leash once more.


  “What a good girl……Coming to the rescue of her most beloved professor.”




  At Ferzen’s words, Lizzy couldn’t help but tighten the embrace around herself.


  Gently stroking her cheek, Ferzen then pulled Lizzy into his embrace.


  Although she presented a small resistance, she had no more strength left to resist him.


  And so, as she rested in his embrace, Lizzy listened as Ferzen whispered softly into her ear.


  “Perhaps because you are such a good girl……Your lies are easy to see through.”




  He didn’t raise his voice.


  Nor did he shout.


  So, how could such a gentle and caring tone bring someone such dread?


  Soon, Lizzy who had stiffened and couldn’t even breathe, let out pitiful sobs. As he gently caressed her body, Ferzen’s voice now had a cruel tone.


  “I was joking.”


  Of course, he wasn’t joking in the slightest.


  Lizzy was well aware of this.


  He knew why she had come there.


  She felt miserable and pathetic.


  But even then, a sense of relief bloomed inside her, as her life wasn’t in danger.


  However, that once brilliant flame that burned within her heart, claiming revenge, was now extinguished.


  And in the remaining ashes, not even a spark could be seen.


  Looking down at Lizzy, who had fallen into a deep state of despair and emptiness, Ferzen surveyed his surroundings.


  There seemed to be some time until the complete collapse of the enemy Warlock’s mental state.


  So, Ferzen thought he could make better use of the remaining time.


  “Tell me, Lizzy. Where are your shoes?”


  Lizzy couldn’t understand why he asked her such a thing.


  Following his question, Ferzen conjured a beautiful pair of shoes and gently put them on her foot.


  And like a puppet with its strings cut, Lizzy didn’t offer any resistance.


  Finally, after tying the shoes, Ferzen suddenly grabbed her thin left ankle with his large hand.


  Like glass, it seemed like it would shatter with the slightest force.




  With a fearful and anxious gaze, Lizzy looked at his hand as she trembled uncontrollably. But Ferzen simply smiled and spoke.


  “How does it feel to be able to walk again Lizzy? It must have been quite awkward no?” 


  When she heard his mocking words, a burning fury surged within her, but even more than that, a broken and pitiful cry escaped her throat.


  This person. This man. This monster. How can he be so cruel? How have I wronged him so much to deserve this? Why……….


 If there existed a reason for such torture, then Lizzy wanted to know the answer. No, this need was gone as quickly as it came. After all, what difference would make to know the reason for his acts?


  That what has been done, cannot be undone.


  As tears flowed from her eyes, Ferzen reached out his hand and wiped them away.


  “Did you know Lizzy? When a man gives shoes to a lady, he is in fact asking for a dance.” 


  Lizzy remained silent.


  “And if you keep your grades up, I shall summon the monster residing on the third floor.” 


  If she managed this, then the monster who resided on the Third Floor of the Underworld could heal her.




  “It wouldn’t be a bad idea to practice a little.” 


  Lizzy couldn’t even find in her to utter a refusal.


  No, she knew that she would never refuse this.


  So, with a twisted kindness, Ferzen grasped the fleeting straws of this reality.


  And Lizzy, on the brink of resignation, prayed for the quick collapse of the enemy Warlock’s mental state.


  She also prayed that the knights who had entered the Sephar’s boundary field realize the truth of this world and come to her rescue.


  “Your hand.” 




  But until they could escape from this world, Lizzy knew she couldn’t leave his side.


  So Lizzy placed her hand on top of Ferzen’s, accepting her fate.


  However, years without being able to walk made the young maiden forget how to dance.


  He would laugh at her, mock her, insult her, but she would let him have his way as Lizzy followed his lead.


  Ferzen, however, was far more ruthless than she had imagined.




  Somewhere in the distance, a bustling sound was heard. 


  The sound of countless people chattering.


  The ground beneath her feet suddenly became a neatly tiled floor.


  The dark sky gave way to a shimmering chandelier made of fluorescent stones.


  When she turned her head, Lizzy could see young boys and girls pairing up and assuming dancing positions, just like her and Ferzen.


  Yes, this place was a ballroom.




  Standing right beside her was her younger self who couldn’t even meet the younger Ferzen’s eyes.


  And then……


  “This time, don’t make any mistakes.” 


  As soon as he said those words……




 The song ‘Blessed Night’ began to play.


  Ferzen at the age of 24, and Lizzy at 18.




  Ferzen at the age of 16, and Lizzy at 10.


  They started to dance.



* * * * *


  The unforgettable melody played on, barely coaxing the dance moves from her distant memories.


  Even when she knew this was nothing more than an illusion.


  Seeing her younger self, she desperately hoped that she wouldn’t make a mistake again.


  As such, Lizzy followed Ferzen’s movements with desperation and determination.


  However, the past had already flowed away, predetermined, and unchangeable.


  And as if to mock her, during the middle of the song, her younger self accidentally stepped on Ferzen’s foot, losing her balance and stumbling.


  With the remains of her mental strength, Lizzy tried to change the outcome. But the illusion conjured by Ferzen was impenetrable to her frail will.


  Soon, her younger self left the ballroom, running in shame as the young Ferzen followed her.


  “Stop it……” 




  “Stop it……No more…..Please……” 


  Forcing herself to keep dancing, Lizzy pleaded with Ferzen through her tears.


  But, her trembling body couldn’t keep up with Ferzen’s next move.




  She stepped on his foot.




  At that moment, the music grew louder as the song entered its climax.


  But even through the noise, Lizzy could clearly hear Ferzen’s voice.


  “You made the same mistake once again.” 






  Lizzy slumped to the ground.


  Then, in a desperate attempt, she desperately moved away from Ferzen, even as her legs and arms trembled.




  But suddenly, the surrounding scenery changed, revealing the outside of the ballroom.


  Lizzy stopped, blocked by a tree, and saw her younger self, curled up and screaming.




  As Ferzen approached her, Lizzy raised her hands in a feeble defensive posture and started to convulse violently.




  “I-I’m……Sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry……!”


  “What kind of a girl is she?” 


  With his OCD now awake as his foot had been stepped on, Ferzen grabbed Lizzy’s right ankle and forced her to step on his other foot.


  He then asked one more time.


  “What kind of a girl is she?” 




  Lizzy’s skirt became soaked.


  The nearby mounds of dirt where she was sitting crumbled.


  “What kind of a girl is she?” 


  He wished for an answer.


  And there was only one answer that her mind could come up with, but even then, Lizzy couldn’t say it.


  But when Ferzen lifted her chin and made her look at her young self.




  She forced out those words, desperate to survive.


  However, Ferzen simply laughed.


  Just as there is no future for a nation that has forsaken its past.


  There is no future for a human who denies their past.


  And so, Ferzen once more engraved this on her heart.


  Lizzy was now unable to sever and cast away the roots of her trauma.


  One could argue that this was something that was beyond cruel.


  But what is the way for a villain to live if not villainy?


  There were no heroes here.


  After all, the hero of this world had already met his end at Ferzen’s hands.


  The gears of fate meant to guide the world after the death of the villain shattered one by one.


  And beyond that, Lizzy, who could only deny her younger self, had now collapsed in sadness and sorrow.


  Drowned by her own weakness, helpless, she crumbled to pieces.


  There is a famous saying – “That which cannot kill you, will make you stronger.” 


  Perhaps the one who said this wasn’t aware of the truth of this world.


  Most people, when swept away by the waves of fate, would simply meet their demise.


  Finally, the enemy Warlock who had been butchering his body, harvested his own heart and held it towards Ferzen, only to collapse afterward.


  His astral projection had shattered.


  And thus, Sephar’s–


  No, Krocell’s illusionary world crumbled down.


  The surrounding landscape disappeared.


  Ferzen, the man she feared so much, vanished from her sight.


  All that remained was the pitch-black void, where she couldn’t even see her reflection.


  And within this void……


  All she could hear were the faint sounds of her cries, alongside the fowl scent of her excrement.




TL note:  I double-checked just to make sure i wasn’t wrong, but Lizzy fr shat herself wtf.


Imagine spending the whole day showing the ropes to your substitute and trying to be an overall nice human being, to learn that the moment you go to your home, this little shit starts badmouthing me to my boss. Wtf is this. Like what could he gain from this? I’m leaving the company in 10 days anyways, and he’s gonna get my job….Wtf i can’t understand people sometimes. The funny thing is that by him doing this, everyone on the team i was responsible now hates him with passion Lmao…..Omg karma is such a funny thing.


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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