The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 115

DC (2)

DC (2) ༻



What greeted Ferzen’s eyes as he regained consciousness was the warm sunlight, juxtaposed with the devastated Rufeld Forest.


The destruction had been wrought by the three Elemental Wizards belonging to the magic corps, who spared no magical power and relentlessly unleashed their spells when the trio of knights, including Lizzy, attempted to enter.


Their actions vividly showcased the lethal might of the Elemental Wizards, particularly in terms of their anti-personnel firepower.


Furthermore, it was evident that they were desperate to avoid the consequences that would befall them if anything untoward were to happen to Ferzen.




The three Elemental Wizards, visibly drained from magical exhaustion, turned their attention toward Ferzen, joining the bewildered employees of the Mercenary Association.


It was truly difficult to fathom how humans could appear so worn out and aged within such a brief span of time.


If such condition was to be exposed to those young children, it would undoubtedly evoke a deep sense of empathy.


“You should rest.” 


“The enemy….. No…… Are you feeling better now?” 


“The mental manifestation has dissipated. Since you couldn’t locate it even after obliterating the entire forest, it must be concealed at a considerable depth underground.”


Although he still felt lingering dizziness, Ferzen regained control of his body and turned his head.


The three knights were gradually regaining consciousness, but Lizzy, lying beside him, remained unresponsive.


Most likely, she had endured the most severe psychological trauma, so even with the illusionary barrier shattered, she lacked the energy to open her eyes immediately.


“Leave the rest to me from this point onward.”


Ferzen then controlled Isabel’s corpse, making her fix her dishevealed attire after she got up.



In the distance, amidst the commotion of waiting students, Ferzen noticed Laura, a particularly eye-catching white-haired girl, staring at him.


‘Even if it’s just a corpse……’


Could it be that she felt a slight sense of sympathy because it used to be someone with the blood of the Genova family?


When their eyes met, she lowered the parasol she was holding.


It was quite a rude gesture but seeing it as nothing but a cute act of defiance, Ferzen moved forward with Isabel.


He then used his mana, and through Isabel, he interfered with the ground.


If the main body of the enemy was indeed hiding in the underground area of this forest.


The most efficient way to draw it out was to upheave the ground.




‘Let’s see……’


Perhaps because he was using the corpse of an Apolion-level elemental wizard, the surface of the ground began to shake like a gentle wave almost instantly.


As a result, Ferzen’s mana rapidly decreased.


The interference had a deep and wide range, suppressing the repercussions to prevent any damage to the city in case the interconnected labyrinths were disturbed.


Thus, the power of land and air, which belonged to the area of interference, was not necessarily proportional to the amount of magic power consumed, and there was a disadvantage that it could cause damage to their allies.


However, being part of the interference granted the overwhelming advantage of not being easily neutralized.




The ground, which had been shaking like a wave, became still for a short time after a loud sound resounded.


It was like pulling a crumpled piece of paper from both sides to straighten it correctly.


However, if you continued to pull it apart in that state, it would eventually tear……




Through the numerous cracks that appeared in that instant, the underground soil and any debris found inside gushed out.


The scene resembled a volcano erupting, with magma gushing out from the depths.


It was akin to a fortuitously dug land that led to a gushing hot spring.


This phenomenon occurred throughout the vast expanse of Rufeld Forest.


The upturned soil expelled everything from its subterranean depths without hesitation.


“Oh… Oh…”


And within that mound of dirt.


The carcass of an adult giant worm, standing at least three meters tall and stretching seven meters long, was slowly uncovered, starting from its head.


‘Now, that’s a valuable find.’


Obtaining a worm’s body was an exceptionally challenging endeavor.


In fact, it was a rarity to even find one available for sale.


The reason being that the lifespan of an adult worm was less than a month. Moreover, despite its fearsome appearance, it was a timid creature and seldom ventured outside.


If the civilization of this world ever advanced to the point of utilizing oil as a resource,


Undoubtedly, the corpses of these worms would be the primary contributors to its creation.






When part of the worm’s torso emerged above the ground, Ferzen ceased expending his mana.


Subsequently, the ground, which had been expelling piles of dirt and stones in all directions, gradually calmed, resembling a clearing sky after a storm.




Amidst the chaotic mess, Ferzen took a step forward……




He carefully stepped into the worm’s carcass after cutting a section to create an entrance.


He could have simply controlled the worm’s body to expel any enemies within, without the need for such measures.


However, he wanted to avert the worst-case scenario of the enemy’s mental body collapsing and falling into a vegetative state.


He didn’t wish to cause further harm to the already damaged enemy corpse.


Certainly, it was possible that the enemy had self-inflicted brain damage, rendering him unable to receive any feedback from the corpse.


However, Ferzen refused to let such circumstances crush the hope he harbored.




After traversing the interior of the worm, resembling a cave, Ferzen reached the end.


There, he beheld the complete dissolution of his enemy’s brain, along with its skull.


‘This crazy bastard.’


Ferzen uttered an inappropriate curse under his breath before promptly retrieving his handkerchief and using it to cover his mouth and nose. He then created a hole in the ceiling to ventilate the interior.


After all, if the acid within was potent enough, any airborne particles during the reaction could cause damage to his bronchi and lungs.




With temporary preparations in place, Ferzen approached the individual and extended his hand.


Even if he wouldn’t receive any feedback, he wanted to test his ability, at the very least.




But as expected, his ability amounted to nothing.


‘No matter how long the tail, it is bound to get stepped on eventually.’


Is this not a beast, but a baby lizard?


Every time he attempted to trap it, it would swiftly sever its tail and escape.


Ferzen frowned in annoyance, then scrutinized the enemy’s face more closely.




Instant regret washed over him.


It was because the face of the enemy he had seen within the illusion barrier differed so greatly from the one lying before him now.


No, it was a relief to see a different person.


After all, within the illusion barrier, the illusion was limited to what one knew, so it made sense for the enemy to change their appearance and approach.




One could even wonder if Edvard Munch used this face as a inspiration for his painting.


The shape of his face appeared grotesquely distorted.


To put it frankly, it was as if the man was desperately wriggling through a blocking vaginal opening, defying his mother’s wishes of never giving birth to him.




The asymmetry was so vexing that Ferzen wondered if it resembled a lump of clay molded and played with by a child, haphazardly placed upon his neck.


Unbeknownst to Ferzen, he instinctively retrieved a pair of white gloves from his subspace and adorned them.




Realizing his actions with a delay, he attempted to halt…




Yet, the cessation was merely momentary.


In the end, he extended his fist and ruthlessly struck the nose and cheekbones of his enemy, who was now a lifeless corpse.


Six times with his left hand.


Six times with his right hand.


A rhythmic sequence of twelve strikes resounded, maintaining a steady interval.


* * * * *




After completing his task, Ferzen pulled the enemy’s corpse out from within the worm and handed it over to the knights, who had regained their senses but appeared fatigued.


His ungloved hands remained unharmed, but the combination of the redness, swelling, and burning sensation, coupled with the heat of the weather, made him slightly irritable.




After his death, if he were to become a corpse,


Would the warlock with the highest synchronization rate with his corpse possess mathematical prowess on the level of Pythagoras?




Ferzen sighed softly, gently massaging his temples as a mild headache crept in.


“Professor… I…”


“If it can wait, I’d prefer to address the matter later. Unless it’s urgent.”


“It’s not that… Lizzy Poliana Claudia. The child over there took a risk to save you, Professor.”


“I know. We met inside.”


In response to Ferzen’s nonchalant words, the knight beside him beamed brightly.


Even if it was somewhat politically motivated.


The risk she took to save the lives of others stemmed from a small desire for some form of reward.


Perhaps sensing the genuine sentiment of the knight, Ferzen wore a warm smile as he sat down beside Lizzy, who had yet to awaken, and extended his large hand towards her.


He gently caressed her soft cheek, resembling that of a baby’s, hidden beneath her disheveled hair.


“She was a remarkably brave child.”


“Indeed. Even if it’s not overly emphasized. A good child… deserves to be rewarded.”




Lizzy, who had been breathing peacefully, twitched and furrowed her delicate brow.


Observing this, Ferzen affectionately smoothed her hair.




What kind of dream are you experiencing?


The knight beside him referred to her as a courageous child.


Throughout history, courage was a quality that people needed to witness firsthand before placing their trust in someone.


It’s an attitude that can endure pain and disappointment.


The ability to take risks.


If she truly possessed all these qualities.


‘Once you regain consciousness…’


As the knight beside him mentioned.


Will she still be a courageous child?


Or will she become a courageous child?


‘I can’t help but be curious.’


Sephar’s, no, Krocell’s illusionary world resembled a realm of dreams.


That’s why.


Lizzy Poliana Claudia.


‘If there’s an opportunity…’


One more time.


Let us dream together once more.


* * * * *


The lullaby of the cruel wolf that burrowed into the lamb’s heart, tainting its dream.


And people called it a nightmare.



TL note: ATTENTION (IM NOT JOKING) For those with weak will I would recommend skipping the next chapter.


It’s a chapter where Lizzy has a nightmare…..And believe me when i say things get bad…….Like realllllllly bad.

The entire chapter it’s her nightmare, a whole 2.7k words of it.


So if ya’ll want to skip just bear in mind that she had a realllllllly bad dream when reading chapter 117.


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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