The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 126

Before Heading North (3)

Before Heading North (3) ༻





Yuriel pulled down the blanket that covered her and glanced at the clock.


Based on the time, it should have already passed 11 o’clock.


‘Of course…’


That woman was holding onto Ferzen.


Did he do it to be fair because he had been intimate with her earlier today?


‘But it’s not fair……’


How many hours had passed?


When they were in the bathroom earlier, they had only spent about two hours together.


Could it be that the other woman’s body was that enticing?


Feeling jealousy welling up inside her, just as Euphemia probably expected, Yuriel sat on the bed with a melancholic expression, looking out of the window.




Before long, she turned her head in surprise as she heard the knob of her room’s door turning.






Without uttering a word, and exhaling quietly, Ferzen and Yuriel exchanged glances in the dark.


He was impeccably dressed as usual, but his hair, sticking to his head due to sweat, clearly indicated the physical activity he had engaged in.


As she walked closer, the scent of the other woman reached Yuriel’s nose, fueling her suspicions…




Instinctively, she roughly grabbed the blanket.


“You are… late.”


Yuriel was fully aware that she was the one who had been greedy first.


Still, she couldn’t suppress the jealousy, sadness, and resentment boiling inside her. So, she expressed her sorrow to Ferzen with a low voice.


“Since Euphemia noticed… I have to be fair, Yuriel.”




Yuriel raised her head at Ferzen’s response.


She was truly surprised that Euphemia had noticed that she and Ferzen had been together at dawn. But that wasn’t the most important thing…


He had just stated that he had to be fair because she had noticed. In other words, if she hadn’t noticed, he would have moved on without saying anything.


“T-then… It can’t be helped.”


Yuriel struggled to maintain her composure, but her smile couldn’t be contained.


The underlying meaning behind his response implied that he valued her more than the other woman.


Ferzen von Schweig Brutein.


It was as if, despite claiming to be fair, he couldn’t help but show his partiality.




Ferzen let out a deep sigh, observing Yuriel’s radiant smile.


He knew she would grasp the intention behind his carefully chosen words.


Perhaps it was his guilt for neglecting her that compelled him to say those things.


Just like in the morning, when he felt guilty about Euphemia, leading him to contemplate the name of her child.


If he allowed his guilt to dictate his actions, the balance would eventually be disrupted.


It would be like provoking each of them to draw the daggers hidden in their sleeves and plunge into a messy love affair.


‘That’s why…’


Ferzen wanted Yuriel to bear his child as well.


However, he knew he wouldn’t have the time for it once he went to the Roverium Kingdom after completing his tasks in the North.


“D-don’t just stand there… Co-come here.”


Yuriel’s smile beamed as she affectionately pulled him closer.


She was currently wearing a see-through nightgown.


Her breasts were not covered, and her pink areolas and nipples were slightly visible through the moonlight shining down on her.


Who knew a luxurious flower pattern on a negligee could be so annoying?


“I-if you want to touch it…… You can touch it……”


Yuriel shyly pushed her breasts towards him after noticing him gazing at the flower pattern.


However, it didn’t end just at her breasts as her hand slid down to grope her own thigh.




Even though he had ejaculated on Euphemia once and felt satisfied, it didn’t take long for him to feel aroused again.


After all, a sweet peach scent entered his nose little by little as Yuriel continued to touch herself.


Ferzen stretched out his two hands forward and gently grabbed her breast. He then molded the shape of Yuriel’s chest with quite a strong force.




Euphemia’s breasts were by no means small. But Yuriel’s breasts were so large to the point he could hardly hold them in one hand. On top of it, the way they were shaped by his fingers was incredibly arousing.


Ferzen, who had been busy teasing Yuriel’s body, saw her hand reaching out to unbutton the button of his shirt. He quickly grabbed her soft wrist and gently lowered it.






To Yuriel who questioned his action, Ferzen said nothing.


The only thing that could be considered as his answer would be his act of letting her wrist go.


At that, Yuriel quietly blinked her obsidian-like eyes.


This…… Was he asking her to make her own choices?


Just what was hiding beneath his clothing?


Why did he block her hand?


Yuriel stretched her hand again, trying to school her expression as she was eager to check, even if it was a sight she didn’t want to see.






Her pretty, slender fingers carefully unbuttoned the shirt, groping for the secret hidden inside.


Eventually, she unbuttoned all the buttons and slowly pulled his shirt down……




Yuriel’s expression hardened as soon as she saw it.


Numerous red marks were engraved on his body.


She could feel the ugly, ignoble tenacity of that unworthy woman, screaming that this man in front of her was hers and hers alone.


To be frank, she didn’t have a problem if it was only that. However, Yuriel found it hard to believe that Ferzen would allow such behavior.


After all, he was someone who would own anyone or anything whenever he took a fancy to them.


He wouldn’t be happy to be possessed in this way.


‘A pathetic and stupid woman…… This will be her last outburst.’


Yuriel kept her sneer from surfacing.


Of course, she would be lying if she said she wasn’t offended.


She liked it the most when they intertwined in a face-to-face position. However, now that that woman’s marks were engraved in his body……


It would create an illusion that she was not doing it with Ferzen but with that woman’s man.


But that level of discomfort was something she could endure.


She would never be greedy in a way Ferzen would not like.


If she kept doing that, Ferzen would favor her more than that woman in the end.




He lowered her hand, which was hovering around his chest, and hugged her at the waist, collapsing onto his bed.


The firm male flesh that pressed against her soft body, conveyed his heat.


“Heut, eung……”


Yuriel felt a little choked up and wanted to move around to find a comfortable position, but Ferzen’s lustful gesture kept her from moving.


It once again reminded her that she was nothing more than a female at this moment.




As he gently bit her ear lobe, he groped her belly, slipped his hand into her panties, and began to stroke his fingers around her swollen clitoris.


“Uugh…… Aang!”


The tingling pleasure naturally made her want to draw her legs together, but she couldn’t. It only made her pant in a vulgar way and made her body tremble.






In one breath, his two fingers burrowed into her folds.


Surprised by the sudden intrusion, Yuriel tightened her stomach and wrapped around Ferzen’s fingers harder.


Foreplay that was rougher than usual.


However, rather than with the purpose of hurting her…… It was as if he was trying to drown her in pleasure in order to keep her from thinking about anything else.


She wondered if he thought that she would think ill of him because of the marks.


How could he read her mind so well in this kind of situation?


“Ah…… ! Heuaang!”


At his rough slithering fingers that pressed on the bumpy area inside her, Yuriel roughly bounced on her waist, and a thin, clear liquid spilled out like urine.


Her appearance was so ugly and vulgar that no one would think that she was a woman of the Alfred family if they saw her now.


But rather than feeling ashamed, she stretched her trembling hand out and gently hugged Ferzen’s neck.


“I… don’t have ill intentions…… Towards her.”




“I don’t think we will be able to get along, but… I won’t hurt her, so don’t worry too much… ”


After saying that in a calm and reassuring voice, Yuriel released her hand from Ferzen’s nape. It was at that moment when he suddenly closed his eyes and kissed her. She didn’t know what to do with all the joy that washed over her.


He wasn’t as skilled at kissing as he was at sex…






Yuriel’s body still trembled whenever their flesh and tongue intertwined.


Her panties, which were already so wet to the point that they were meaningless to be worn, were buried in the thick flesh of her pubic area and started digging in little by little.


At the same time, her other hole beneath it squirmed.


“Ha, heu……”


After a kiss that was not so short but still made her regretful, Ferzen pulled his head away from her.


A lustful thread stretched between their lips, as if telling him that Yuriel wanted to kiss him just a little longer.


At the same time, it seemed to be a subtle hint that tonight was going to be a very long night.




TL note:  I just wanna sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

So I just got back from a 3-day long event…..And lemme tell ya, something about being encased in a chair for 3 long days of presentations has a way to kill your brain cells like no other.


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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