The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 67

Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred

༺ Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred ༻ 




  Corleone Wayne Barretta Alfred.


  The Elder of the Alfred Family.


  And the one who rules the underworld of the Capital.


  As he watched Yuriel entering his office, he silently drew the curtains and sat down on his chair.


  Then, without saying a word, he took a sip of his wine.




  In this dark chamber, drenched in complete silence, Yuriel’s blood ran cold.


  After a long time, Corleone finished his wine, took a cigar from an ornamented crate, and looked at her.


  Being a smart woman, Yuriel was already aware of his intentions as she created a small spark lightening the cigar up.




  The smoke permeated the room.






  “Perhaps it’s because it’s been a long time since I last saw you, and things have turned out like this.”


  Corleone threw his silver glass at Yuriel’s head without even blinking.




  And Yuriel stayed in her place unmoving, with her head bowed.




  From her forehead, blood flowed slowly covering Yuriel’s right eye.


  “Are you going to waste my time standing there? Where are your manners Yuriel?”


  “I apologize……”


  Yuriel kneeled, as the blood continued to cover her right eye.


  “Since the First Prince won’t be able to interfere with the Roverium Kingdom anymore, our efforts were for naught.”


  And the Second Prince won’t be likely to ascend to the throne even with the support of the First Prince.


  But Brutein will still support him by using Louerg as a proxy.


  As responsible for more than 60% of all minerals circulating throughout the Empire, it would be a tasteless joke if Brutein’s support rendered no results.






  “Isn’t it hilarious? Everything was going according to plan, you didn’t even need to lift your finger and all would have been achieved. But you couldn’t even accomplish this simple thing, and you managed to make a mess of things.”


  He wasn’t wrong.


  But he wasn’t right either.


  Even if it wasn’t because of Yuriel herself, Prince Inas could have simply confronted Ferzen on another occasion.


  “I apologize……”


  But there was no way Yuriel would say this.


  Because she was the one who volunteered to attend the Imperial Banquet in the place of her elder brother who was ill.


  And as such, she was the one who would have to bear the consequences.


  Yuriel was keenly aware of this, as someone who was already familiarized with the ways of the Alfred Family.


  “Do you think this is not fair Yuriel?”




  “In this world, we fight our battles with any weapon we can get our hands on. So would it be unfair if your weapon broke under the enemy’s superior armament?”




  “Had this been a war, and not some flimsy political game, you would have died.”


  “Please……Grant me the chance to redeem myself……”


  “A chance you say……”


  Corleone smirked maliciously.


  He got up from his chair and approached Yuriel with the support of his cane looking down at her.


  “Assume I grant you such a chance, what can you even accomplish? Can you make the First Prince of the Roverium Kingdom obey the Second Prince’s commands?”




  “Do you think you can do that, Yuriel?”






  As she was struck down by his cane, Yuriel’s bloody forehead was forced into the floor.


  The pain made her cry, but she didn’t utter a sound.






  “The Imperial Family will marry the eldest daughter of Lord Asran with the Crown Prince, who has a 20 year old son who is still single.”


  This wasn’t Corleone’s original plan.


  But because of the situation with the Roverium Princes.


  He needed to prepare insurance.


  “You will marry his son.”




  “What? isn’t this the chance you longed for……..?”




  “Have you forgotten the only reason for your existence Yuriel? Since that failure 11 years ago you simply became a spare commodity that now has a use.”


  Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred.


  Yes, from the moment she was born, Corleone groomed her to bear the descendants of the Brutein lineage.


  For this purpose, since she was a child, Yuriel has been fed ‘Fruit of Fragrance’.


  Fruit of Fragrance — An unique fruit that existed in this world.


  If one were to eat this fruit for 5 years, their body scent will change, according to the type of Fruit of Fragrance they ate.


  And this body scent can stimulate the lust of those in contact with it.


  For this reason, Yuriel hated her natural scent, and because of this she always used perfumes to mask it.


  “Your answer, Yuriel.”




  As he continued to exhale the smoke from his cigar, Corleone grabbed Yuriel’s chin and made her look at him.


  Except for the heirs, all other children of the Alfred Family were nothing more than tools for the family.


  And because of that……


  “Yes……I’ll obey……”


  Yuriel had no choice but to comply.


  “You forget your place Yuriel, a tool doesn’t hesitate nor does it protest against the master’s decisions. Perhaps because you were left to your own devices for far too long, you seem to have this useless pride of yours.”




  With a blank face, Corleone pressed the tip of his cane against her throat.




  “It will take some time to arrange the marriage. In the meanwhile, I will wipe this attitude of yours. That way you won’t bring shame to our family.”




  Taking out his cane, Corleone settled down on his chair and continued speaking.


  “Everything I gave you, I will take back. You will realize how much the things you took for granted meant. You will recognize that in your pathetic 23 years of life you didn’t accomplish anything of your own.”




  “Without Alfred would you even have become a professor at the Imperial Academy? Have you ever thought about that?”


  Corleone crackled ironically.


  “Go now. And keep this in mind, until I call you again……You are simply Yuriel, Alfred doesn’t need a stray like you bearing the name of our glorious family.”


  With Corleone’s dismissal, Yuriel left the room as she staggered to her feet.


  Since she didn’t have anything left, Yuriel couldn’t stay in this mansion.


  So with a hollow gaze, oblivious to her wound, Yuriel came down to the first floor and opened the doors of the mansion.


  No, she tried to.


  Because the maids blocked her path.


  And without saying a word, they handed her a change of clothes.




  With a helpless smile, Yuriel looked down at her body.


  ……Well, she tried to, but her bust blocked her view.




  Azelia’s clothes she was using were also bought with money from the Family, so they didn’t belong to her.


  So Yuriel entered an empty room and began to undress.


  When she became completely naked, she picked the clothes the maids handed to her.


  “At least they are decent……”


  Since she didn’t know when she would be called again, Yuriel still had to give her lectures, therefore while simple her new set of clothes was resistant.


  After checking her clothes one last time, she left the room as the servants didn’t even glance at her departing figure.




  At least her wound stopped bleeding.




  Yuriel opened the mansion doors and headed for the Imperial Academy.


  She didn’t have any lectures today.


  But she could spend the night in her office.


  And she could seek treatment for her wound there as well.


  She didn’t have a single Berne on her……


  Although the professors at the Academy received a salary, the compensation was handed out on a yearly basis.


  Because the professors who worked there didn’t have a need to receive their money on a monthly basis.


  So the only ones who were compensated on a monthly basis were the administrative clerics and the general staff.


  ‘What am I going to do……’


  As various problems arose in her mind, Yuriel didn’t have it in her to think about this at the moment, as she walked towards the Academy.


  Her belly grumbled.


  And because of the summer, the sunlight was intense at this time of the day.


  Drops of sweat traveled down her bosom.


  Yes, it was all because of her oversized flesh……


  Every time Yuriel walked, her bust would bounce and her shoulders were already stiff from the weight.




  After a while, she arrived at the Academy’s gate at 1 P.M……


  The students were already leaving the Educational Buildings for lunch.






  She wouldn’t ask that child for help.


  Because Yuriel still had her pride.


  So as she visited the clinic, and got her wound treated, Yuriel went towards her office on the 4th floor of the Administrative Building.


  She was tired.


  Her only wish was to sleep her problems away.





「403──Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred」



  In front of her door, her nameplate was hung.


  As she reached for the doorknob, Yuriel looked at the other door.


「404──Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg」





  What I’m I even doing……?


  Clenching her teeth, Yuriel tried to open her door and enter her sanctuary.






  With the sound of the doorknob being turned, Ferzen and Euphemia walked out of his office.


  His left hand rested on her waist and he looked at his wife with a loving gaze.




  That man didn’t have lectures today.


  “Did you return from your lecture, Professor Yuriel?”




  “Have a good day, then.”


  After a short and business-like greeting, Ferzen and Euphemia walked away.


  Yuriel who looked at his fading back for a long time finally managed to open her door and, lay down on her sofa.


  “………….Stupid Bastard.”


  He must have seen her wounded forehead.


  He…..He could have at least asked if I was fine.


  He must also have known she was in trouble after what happened at the Imperial Banquet.




  Yes, it was a strange thing to hope for something like that.


  Because of the situation between Alfred and Brutein……


  Actually, this was the expected norm.


  But even then…….


  “……Stupid Bastard.”


  Yuriel closed her eyes while cursing Ferzen.




TL NOTE: I think no one will confuse dat line about Corleone being the one controlling the underworld of the Capital with THE UNDERWORLD, well if you did then Im sorry for your brain……too much cultivation novels and MTL do that to a mf.


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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