The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 79

Loving Night

༺ Loving Night ༻ 







  Euphemia proudly displayed a satisfied smile as she admired the pair of white socks she had just knit for a baby’s feet.


  Then she tenderly caressed her stomach, excited for the arrival of her child.


  Because the young mother didn’t know the gender of her child, she choose a neutral color that would work for both of them.


  ‘He’s a little late.’


  Although her husband had informed her that he had some important business to take care of, it was almost 8 P.M…..


  So she couldn’t help but wonder when he would be back.




  The gates of their mansion opened.


  And a carriage bearing the crest of Brutein entered the premises.


  Since there were only 2 people who would ride in such a carriage, Euphemia grabbed a simple robe to cover her white nightgown and went to greet her husband.




  The first floor of the mansion.


  In truth, Euphemia could have waited inside for her husband, but she opened the main doors and ventured into the parking lot with her umbrella open.


  Since he swore to her that he would be a good husband.


  Then……She would also strive to be a good wife to him.




  The carriage doors opened.


  When she noticed this, Euphemia increased her pace to catch up with her husband and protect him from the rain with her umbrella.




  “I’m back.”


  Though his tone was even, Ferzen was a little taken aback by this situation.


  Not that he was surprised by his wife’s behavior, but because Yuriel’s scent was deeply entrenched in his clothes, and Ferzen had no intention of exposing Euphemia to it.


  “Are you……Just going to stand there?” 


  Euphemia grumbled, still holding the umbrella to match Ferzen’s height. 


  This sight made Ferzen think of a way to salvage the situation.


  But he couldn’t just use a different umbrella for himself without insulting Euphemia……


  “Come with me.”


  Taking the umbrella from her tired arms, Ferzen put his hand on her waist and held it above her, leading her through the flower garden.


  “Are we going through the back?” 




  He knew that the garden would have a strong earthy scent, mixed with the fragrance of the flowers, which would help to mask Yuriel’s scent on him. 


  Euphemia, however, was unaware of his intentions and simply thought he wanted to walk with her.




  But Euphemia’s thoughts were disrupted when she noticed Ferzen’s shoulders getting wet from the rain.


  Is the umbrella too small for both of us?


  Suddenly, the young mother felt a pang of regret as she failed to notice this sooner. 


  So she leaned a little closer to him, brushing her body against the hand holding the umbrella.




  But that was when she noticed a particular sweet scent coming from his clothes.


  A woman’s scent.


  Because there was no way a man would use such a sweet perfume.


  And for it to be this entrenched in his clothes, this meant that they had been in the same room for a while……Or that they had physical contact.




  The flames of jealousy were lit in her heart.


  Euphemia had no way of knowing that this was Yuriel’s natural scent, which had been transformed by the Fruit of Fragrance, so she couldn’t help but be immersed in her delusions.


  But no matter how hard she tried to hide her displeasure, it wasn’t enough.




  Ferzen uttered her name as they stopped walking.


  But the young mother didn’t answer his calls, instead, she reached out to his tie, and pulling it down she forcefully made him bow his head.


  Then she cleared her throat.


  And buried her face in his collar, taking in the foreign scent in his clothes.


  So that she would never forget this particular scent that refused to let go of her husband.




  Ferzen knew why she was acting like this.


  As he continued to keep his head bowed, Ferzen raised the umbrella to shield her from the rain.




  But instead of calming down, Euphemia’s hands hungrily traced Ferzen’s body, as she pressed her bosom against his figure.


  The scent entrenched in his clothes was already weakening. 


  But even this weaker version, must have fed her frustrations.


  “Euphemia, is there something you desire of me?”




  “You want me to stroke it?”




  Shaking her head, Euphemia continued to press herself against him.


  The young woman was aware that she shouldn’t be doing this, but the heat within her core was growing stronger with each passing moment.


  “I want you to kiss it……”


  “It shall be done.”




  Fixing the umbrella once more, Frezen stroked her back as he opened his mouth.


  “But first, let us go the bathroom, this rain can harm our child.”


  Nodding at her husband’s wisdom, the couple walked towards the mansion, as Ferzen’s hands continued to stroke her back.


  And as soon as they entered the bathroom, and were away from the staff of the mansion.


  Their naked bodies sippled into the warm waters.


  With a deep blush on her face, Euphemia snuggled into Ferzen’s embrace like a puppy meeting its long-lost master.


  She had never been this forward before.


  But Ferzen didn’t mind this new side of hers.




  Then, just as he promised, he held her slender waist, lifted her, and……




  Placed a gentle kiss on her navel.


  Nothing could have prepared Euphemia for this act.




  She could feel his love for her, and the child growing in her womb.




  Euphemia then sat on Ferzen’s lap, slowly rubbing his hardness against her burning core.


  She could feel his long and thick member twitching against her.


  Suddenly, she wondered how such a devious thing had fit inside of her.






  Euphemia moaned as his glans pressed against her navel as she leaned against him, lining up her core with his mighty member……




  Euphemia kissed and licked his nape sloppily.


  ‘It’s good, however……’


  Euphemia was akin to a child, trying out new things and adapting to them on the go.


  And because of this, she was rather dull at fulfilling her desires as well as her partner’s.


  If things progressed like this, Ferzen wondered how much time it would take.


  So leaning forward, he bit on her earlobe.




  At this.


  Her plump womanhood.




  Just from this single act.


  Ferzen then, gently fonded her bosom, with had been enlarged due to her pregnancy.




  Her legs weakened.


  Were it not for her child, Euphemia would undoubtedly skew herself against his stiff rod.


  No, she was already readying herself to attempt such a thing, but Ferzen stopped her.


  Her rational side understood the meaning of moderation.


  But currently, Euphemia was not rational.


  And so, she glared at Ferzen like a child who had been deprived of its favorite toy.


  Then, she sulkily ran her hands from her womb to her womanhood, looking for the safe limit…….


  “Here……It won’t reach the baby……So it’s fine……”




  “Please……Just three times……Please……”


  She pleaded in a needy tone.


  For a man, could something more seductive exist in this world?


  Ferzen’s eyes trembled.


  His lust was unbearable, so he pulled Euphemia out of the bathtub, laid her down, and licked the water on her neck.


  Then grabbing her chin, he lifted her head……


  “Show me.”


  Euphemia had wrapped her hands around her bosom, as her eyes darted around the room.


  “Here…….Only up to here……”


  After tracing the place she judged safe with her right hand, Euphemia used her left hand to spread her womanhood, exposing her pink flesh to him.




  She shuddered.


  As his glans invaded her core, Euphemia tightened her muscles, as if afraid of letting it go.


  She knew that if she relaxed her muscles, the process would be more pleasant.


  But she couldn’t do that.






  Euphemia’s wet folds produced shameful noises as Ferzen forced himself inside her.


  When Ferzen invaded a third of her cave.


  He stopped.






  “Count it down.”


  She understood what he meant.


  Then, slowly……


  As his member retreated.




  Her folds refused to let him go.




  Then just as his member was almost free from her hold.


  Ferzen slammed inside her once more.






  Such lust was contained in that simple sentence.


  Ferzen flashed a proud smile as he kissed her cheek.


  Her beautiful green hair was now disheveled and clang to her wet body.


  Her once unblemished pale skin now contained traces of their passion.




  Once again Ferzen slowly retracted his member out of her.


  But Euphemia wrapped her legs around his waist.


  In a fruitless attempt to delay the inevitable.


  But she couldn’t overcome his strength, so in a fit of panic, her pink folds desperately held onto his glans and refused to let go.






  Her body had become so sensitive that she was almost losing her mind.




  Only one thrust remained.


  Her time in such a blissful paradise was nearing its end.


  Euphemia wrapped her arms around Ferzen’s neck and kissed him deeply.




  One last time.


  Ferzen thrusted his member.


  It was deeper than the first two.


  Almost half of her cave was reached.


  Both knew that this would be the last.


  So they stayed still, basking in each other’s body heat in complete silence.




  And in such silence, Ferzen patiently awaited Euphemia to send him a sign.


  But she didn’t do such a thing.


  She didn’t wish to announce the end of her pleasure.


  But Ferzen didn’t rebuke her for that.




  And so, the couple continued with their passion.


* * * * *


  “Gasp, Gasp………”


  Euphemia who had become exhausted by the end of their session rolled over exposing her back.


  Because of this, her plump bottom was now on display.


  And from within, one could see a thick stream of a murky white liquid flowing lazily.


  Rubbing his member against Euphemia’s plump bottom, Ferzen smeared her back with his seed.




  It is said that some animals bask their mates in their fluids, to mark them.


  If one were to think of that, then the current Euphemia……


  Undoubtedly belonged to Ferzen.



* * * * *





  The pleasure that had clouded her mind was fading away.


  Euphemia who now had regained her reasoning, breathed faintly as she lay in Ferzen’s embrace.


  Her ears were bright red, proof of her shame.






  “You aren’t a vulgar woman.”




  “No……You are simply lovely, Euphemia.”




  For a moment Euphemia thought that she was dreaming, as she tried to turn her head away.






  Euphemia shyly accepted his affection, as Ferzen kissed her nape.


  Now it was clear that.


  Euphemia El Lauren Louerg.


  …….Was his wife.


  And that.


  Ferzen Von Scweig Louerg.


  …….Was her husband.


  The night deepened.




  And beautifully.



TL NOTE: wei wu wei wu wei wu wei wu DIS IS DA DEM FANFIC FANTIC ARIGATO AKARISMATHA!!!! hiuhihihihhihihihihihih

Found this super nice spider gwen fic on, think it’s called Through The Looking Glass or something, its nice, I mean the writing can get a little trying but overall I would rate it a 7/10 spiderman fanfic.


Measure Each Step to Infinity by 

I fr cried reading this, and at the same time this is the reason as to why I cum (~~~) chapters late, and also I had half of mind on releasing a bl chapter I wrote about FerzenxCiel just to mess with y’all but my editor stopped me BUHU! real killjoy dat one, always saying ‘Oh we can’t do this’  or ‘ Can you tone down your quickness on the notes’BLAH fuck em, ain’t no one stopping these steel tits.

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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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