The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 80

A Blurry Full Moon

༺ A Blurry Full Moon༻ 



  On the following day, Ferzen, along with Euphemia went to the Imperial Academy, and they were greeted by countless individuals.


  Even those who would normally never approach Ferzen were now trying to get in his good graces.


  The reason behind this shift in behavior was simple.


  Ferzen was now an Apollyon class Warlock who had opened the third floor of the Underworld and managed to arrange a deal with a monster on that floor.


  Aside from each aristocratic family’s trove of knowledge, it was common knowledge that there resided a monster on the third floor, capable of curing any illness or wounds a person might have, but at a steep price.


  But even if one were to exclude physical traumas or defects.


  The monster could also cure something that this world’s medicine couldn’t……




  The being residing on the third floor of the underworld could also cure someone’s cancer.


  It’s not that the monster ‘cured’ cancer so to speak, but it could remove all parts affected by it and regrow them.




  But Ferzen refused to meet with anyone.


  Because he wanted to raise his value.


  A rare commodity was costly after all……


  ‘And if I find myself needing something in the future……’


  He could use those vultures to raise enough capital in a short amount of time.


  “I’ll be going to the restroom for a moment.”




  Euphemia waved him off, as she was busy sorting out the numerous bouquets of flowers gifted to him.


  But when he saw that, Ferzen could only fear that his wife wouldn’t arrange them in a symmetrical order.




  Opening the door of his office, Ferzen walked towards the restroom.


  And just as he was about to enter it.


  Ferzen saw Yuriel leaving the woman’s restroom.


  “I’ve heard of your promotion to the Apollyon class. Congratulations.”


  “Yes. Thank you. Did you leave the house after I had left? The doctor informed me that no one answered the door.”


  “I did.”


  There was no way Yuriel could have said she was waiting for him to come back.


  So she lied without batting an eye.


  “Is that so.”


  Since his curiosity had been quenched. 


  Ferzen tried to walk past her.


  But Yuriel grabbed his wrist.


  Because she could see the faint kiss marks on his neck.


  “Do you have something to say, Yuriel?”




  Yuriel became lost in her own thoughts for a moment.


  Because now that she was this close to him, her emotions were becoming a total mess.


  After leaving her in such a state, he went to satisfy his lust……With his wife.


  “Your tie…..Is loose.”


  Reaching out, Yuriel grabbed Ferzen’s collar and fixed his tie.


  Covering the traces on his neck as well.


  “……Thank you.”


  “It’s nothing.”


  At Ferzen’s somewhat meek tone, Yuriel walked towards her office without looking back.


  She sat down on her sofa, loosened the scarf around her neck, and traced the marks of his teeth on her own fair nape.


  “Bad Bastard……”


  And once more, only curses flowed from her mouth.



* * * * *



  After receiving the attendance list from Euphemia, Ferzen who had entered the classroom grabbed a piece of chalk and approached the blackboard.


  “There are many ways to motivate someone, but perhaps the most simple method is to reward them.”


  As he scribbled on the board with the piece of chalk, Ferzen continued.


  “And I’m sure that after all of your lectures are over, most of you will try to approach me.”


  Almost all of the students winced at his remark.


  “But that will be a pointless endeavor. So don’t even bother trying.”




  “I won’t open the third floor of the Underworld for anyone who wants to arrange a deal. But after this year’s classes are over, I will reward the student with the highest grade in both semesters with the opportunity to make a deal on the third floor of the Underworld.”


  The students went into a complete frenzy at his words.






  “That’s…..Unfair isn’t it?”




  “Grades aren’t everything, and they also don’t fully dictate one’s personal value…….Also, there are those who need this opportunity but don’t have the highest grade.”


  Ferzen didn’t disagree with the student’s opinion.


  Because that was true.


  Some students would use the Academy’s grades as the foothold of their future, but there were those who spent their time making important connections and not focusing solely on their grades.


  Ferzen already knew that the Academy itself was nothing more than a display of the Imperial Power since in a way, those children and even the professors were now ‘hostages’ of the Empire.


  “Yes, professor. Wouldn’t it be better if you made one of those for each semester instead?”


  Some students tented to neglect the ‘unimportant’ assignments.


  But even if they did their best now, it wouldn’t be enough.


  “I’m the professor.”




  “Do you think it’s unfair of me to reward the hardworking student? Some Aristocrats tend to scoff at the hard work of commoners because they think it won’t produce results.”


  “That’s a bit off-topic, Professor.”


  “But it is the truth.”




  “The effort will never betray you, but it can betray your dreams.”


  By putting in the effort one can always become better than they were yesterday, even if it’s only 0.001%


  But in the end, this does not mean one can achieve their dreams.


  “So I thought it would only be fair to reward those striving to be better, for even if the world crushes their dreams, this can at least help them in some way.”


  Ferzen rolled up his sleeves and looked at the classroom.


  His gaze wandered towards Lizzy.


  Pretty words were spoken, but his goal……


  Was to convey a message to her.


  She rejected his previous offer.


  That meant that she wouldn’t accept any sort of ‘goodwill’ from him.


  But if she was presented with such an opportunity.


  Would she continue to maintain her stellar grades?


  Or she would find herself in a dilemma, realizing that the harder she tried to improve, it would only mean that she would still have to come to him in the end.


  Ferzen Von Schweig Louerg.


  His plan was akin to a haunted house.


  If she succeeds in making her way out, undaunted by the horrors within, then she would manage to overcome her trauma and break her limits.


  But if she failed…..


  If she gave up along the way.


  If she couldn’t go on, and could only scream for help……


  “Then, let us start the lecture.”


  With such thoughts, Ferzen turned his back on the students.


* * * * *


  “Throughout my lectures, we focused on humans. But a warlock is not limited to only controlling a human being. As long as it is a ‘corpse’ anything will do.”


  Lizzy bit her lip as his voice entered her ears.


  She already had an inkling of what the implications were of his earlier statement.


  “So today……We will analyze the so-called Monsters, more specifically their corpses. Some of you may be surprised, especially those who are in possession of a corpse belonging to an Auror Knight or Elemental Wizard.”


  ‘I can’t……’


  Lizzy had to force herself to listen to the demon’s voice, no matter how much she wanted to plug her own ears.




  But if she used her resentment as her fuel, she would surely progress.


  “Utilizing a monster’s corpse in wars or territorial conflicts is quite cost-effective. Does anyone knows why?”


  “Because monsters have low intelligence……And a limited range of behaviors, so it’s possible to achieve a higher synchronization rate with little feedback.”


  “Indeed, that is correct. Humans are the most complex animals, therefore it is nearly impossible to achieve 100% synchronization with another human being. But that is not the case with monsters.”


  The Mercenary guild, also had detailed information about the nearby monsters if one were inclined to buy it.


  That knowledge alone could increase the synchronization rate considerably.


  “And this becomes even more cost-effective if one were to control the corpse of an ‘Alpha’, or that is the leader of the pack or brood.”




  “If you kill the alpha, and control his corpse, you can use all of the monsters under its control without needing to kill and control them, in this way one can amass a large force to use in conflicts, even if the monsters can only operate under simple commands.”


  The clock went on as Ferzen spoke.


  The students confined to the accursed all-in-one desks began to fidget, but Lizzy managed to maintain herself focused as she was seated in her wheelchair and not on those abominations.


  So she engraved this knowledge in her brain.


  Her hands curled into fists.


  ‘One day……’


  Every single facet of the arrogant and belligerent man in front of her……


  She would tear it apart, and break him……


  She would crush his legs, just as he had done to her.


  And she would savor the taste of breaking his noble visage.


  Allowing the face of the demons within for all to see.


  “Lizzy Poliana Claudia.”




  “Are you sleeping in my class?”




  The simple act of Ferzen calling her name was enough to completely shatter all of her fantasies.


  And after that encounter on the Wizard Association……


  Her mangled left leg twitched.


  “Then don’t keep your head down.”




  And every time it happened, she was reminded of her own helplessness against the demon before her.



* * * * *



  When his lecture was over, Ferzen walked towards Laura.


  “Are you aware?”




  It was a single question, but Laura understood his meaning.


  Because today was the 4th of June.


  Even if the clouds obscured the night sky.


  “I’ll be waiting for you then.”




  The full moon would still rise in the sky.




TL NOTE: Doggy chapter is cumming!!!!


Btw I just played RE4 remake……and it’s quite something alright, but I still liked RE2 remake more, I always like survivor horrors games, and for those who like them as well, try – ALIEN Isolation, fr MARA SOV stamp of goodness……I…..I was even compelled to search for sum fanfics but that was mistake……what the human mind can come up with is……Frightning, I’m not joking I was only wishing for a nice Alien fanfic or something like that, instead I found a bloody smut shit….. with….. DEATH BY CUMFLATION as a tag…..Bloody hell my eyes wats wrong with pp on AO3?!


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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