The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 81

A Blurry Full Moon (2)

༺ A Blurry Full Moon (2) ༻ 


  The Genova line is cursed by the full moon, leading to twisted desires. To avoid acting on these desires, they either restrain themselves or are locked up. However, this often leads to self-harm in order to fulfill the curse.




  When the full moon is obscured by the clouds, they reach a state where they become aware of their actions.


  The result would be the same if one were to artificially block the full moon.


  Now, the summer had brought the rainy season along with it.


  Did those of the Genova bloodline enjoy this time of the year then?


  The answer to that question would be a resounding ‘No’. 


  Because the curse of the full moon was a dangerous thing.


  And being aware of it when active was even more dangerous.


  Only if the individual possessed by the curse had an inhuman level of mental fortitude, could he manage to endure the night.


  But this situation would be akin to a famished person witnessing a feast in front of him and not being allowed to eat any of it.


  Like a person on the cusp of a climax, but never crossing the final line.


  Normally, those affected by the curse are driven by their subconscious, but in this case, they would maintain their reason, and in some cases, the aftereffects of the curse were stronger.


  That is because…….


  Those of the Genova Bloodline feel a kind of heavenly pleasure in the process of fulfilling their most twisted desires.


  And if one were to experience this while being conscious of it all……


  Most of them would become addicted to the pleasure.


  That is why those of Genova’s Family were lunatics.


  ‘I have to tell him……’


  5 P.M.


  After the end of her classes, Laura took a bath to calm her nerves.


  There was a small part of her, that was curious as to what she and Ferzen did on the nights of the full moon.


  But she also wondered if this knowledge would do her any good…….


  So the young maiden shook her head as she sank into the warm water.


  It was summer already.


  The days were longer and the nights, shorter.


  So she should have enough time to enjoy her bath and be there by 7 P.M.


* * * * *


  After getting permission to spend the night outside of the Academy, Laura opened her umbrella as she strolled through the rainy streets of the Capital.


  Since she was an albino, Laura enjoyed the rainy season, but she also longed to see the sun after so many days of rain.


  Then as she arrived at the outskirts of the Capital.


  She stood in front of a plain and run-down house.


  Laura carefully grabbed the doorknob and turned it.




  The familiar sound of worn-out hinges was heard.


  And inside the house, Ferzen quietly awaited while seated on a single chair.




  Casually greeting him, Laura entered the house and folded her umbrella.


  “You’ve come.”




  Ferzen silently closed his eyes.


  Already aware of what this meant, Laura turned her back to him and undressed, and put on another set of clothes from her subspace.




  Then as she handed over her Rosario, which acted as her Altar, Laura climbed onto the worn-out bed, tying the rope around her waist.


  “Phew…….All d-done.”


  “Why didn’t you put on the gag?”


  “I…T-there so-something I…..Ha-have to s-say.”


  “Then speak.”


  “T-the Full Mo-moon…….”


  After explaining to him the intricacies of the full moon’s curse, Laura twisted her thumbs nervously.


  Halfway through her explanation, she became aware of the fact that she should not have known this, as she herself had only been subjected to the full moon’s curse a couple of times in this life, but she patched the hole by saying that this happened during her first time.


  “Is that so.”


  Ferzen who patiently listened to her explanation frowned lightly.


  His serious aura seemed to pressure her, so Laura panicked and put on the ball gag.


  The time gradually passed as they stayed silent.


  Although the sky was covered by clouds, making it difficult to see the moon and the stars……


  It was easy to notice the changes in Laura’s behavior.




  That was definitely the voice of reason.


  Laura squirmed on the bed, but she still managed to stay calm, even when her fists gripped the duvet.


  ‘Can’t he get just a little closer…….?’


  The voice of reason.


  What would happen when it couldn’t contain the monster within?


  Or, more accurately, what would happen when one gives up on trying to suppress the monster?


  Could she be satisfied by just squeezing his neck?


  The veins in his neck were quite prominent.


  If she got lucky, she should be able to reach them…….




  Ferzen approched the bed.


  When she heard his footsteps, Laura looked into his eyes.


  Her ball gag was already covered by the steady stream of saliva.


  Her hands, which had been clutching the duvet, were now stretched like a baby demanding to be held.


  And from the way her fingers twitched.


  Her patience seemed to run low.




  But he stopped at the edge of the bed.


  Shifting her posture, Laura used her knees to help her close the distance between them.


  At this sight, Ferzen opened his mouth.




  The trigger was engraved deeply inside her mind.


  Immediately after the name was spoken, Laura rolled over, presenting her stomach……




  As if praising a dog, Ferzen clapped his hands.


  Even through all of this, Laura’s face still managed to convey her mortification as she held onto her reason.


  But her body was already conditioned to expect a reward after obeying his commands, so her womanhood quivered in anticipation as a strong sense of pleasure spread around her body.




  Her slender waist heaved.


  The hem of her skirt curled up.


  And one could clearly see the huge stain on her white panties.


  In the midst of all of this, the scent of a bewitching female permeated the room……


  It was quite an alluring sight.


  When Ferzen sat on the edge of the bed, Laura crawled on all fours to his side like a dog and reached out to him with trembling hands.


  But she pulled them away.


  It took a tremendous amount of her mental fortitude to control herself at this moment.


  Within moments, her body was drenched in sweat.


  “Sluuuurpppp….. Humnffff…… Mhmmmmm!”


  Laura’s struggles only managed to produce a series of incoherent moans, due to her ball gag.


  Seeing her struggle, Ferzen grabbed both of her hands and guided them to his throat.


  At first glance, the act of choking him might calm her down for a while.


  But the average attention span of an adult was around 60 minutes.


  However, in Laura’s case, it was doubtful if she would manage to last even 30 minutes.






  Laura shuddered with pleasure each time her hands gripped his neck.




  But since she still had her reason, Laura cleverly placed both of her thumbs on his trachea and applied force to them.


  Ferzen naturally frowned, as he didn’t expect this.




  Laura seemed to enjoy his pained expression as her mouth curled into a cruel smile, and her eyes now contained a psychotic gleam.


  She buried her face under his chin, inhaling his scent as she looked at his lovely throat from time to time, wishing she could just sink her teeth in such a beautiful thing — If not for the ball gag.


  Yes, she was already feeling bored of just strangulating him.


  She wanted to bite him now.




  Only 10 minutes had passed.


  By now the reason that seemed to act as a shackle to her urges seemed nonexistent, so much so that even when Ferzen uttered her pet name in an annoyed voice, Laura refused to listen, only loosening her grip on his throat by a small margin.


  Reluctantly, she pulled her hands from his neck, only to try to remove the ball gag……..




  Seeing this, Ferzen grabbed both of her hands and flipped her body back onto the bed, pinning her down.


  But instead of struggling against him, Laura simply stopped breathing.


  “…….You sneaky little thing.”


  The misbehaving puppy had become a cunning wolf.


  Fatigue seemed to permeate Ferzen’s tone.


  What he was dealing with was no normal cursed individual, but a fully rational one.


  And if he continued to restrain her, she might actually kill herself from suffocation.


  So Ferzen had no choice but to release her.


  And as soon as he did so, Laura immediately threw off her ball gag, and with eyes shimmering with lunacy, she approached him and wrapped her hands around his sturdy body.






  And then, like a drug addict going through a withdrawal.




  With trembling hands, she undid the buttons of his shirt and buried her head in his bare chest, listening to his beating heart, as she buried her nails in him like an angry kitten.




  But of course, Ferzen stopped her.


  Laura started at him grumpily, with her hands still clasped on his back.


  Her sweaty body, snow-white hair clinging to her nape, and dazed eyes with extremely dilated pupils gave her a very tempting air.


  “Ah…..I-if yo-you….Don’t le-let me go……Wo-won’t br-breathe……”




  “Tut tut……Pro-professor……S-should ha-have……Lear-learned by n-now……”


  Laura’s stutterings were mixed with maniacal giggles.


  But instead of being angered by her, Ferzen could only pity this wretched being.


  Her reason gave way to her instinct.


  He himself had already experienced such a thing.




  Laura’s breathing ceased as her already pale complexion worsened.


  An unspoken protest to get what she wanted.


  And in response to this, Ferzen sighed and released her.


  Laura coughed raggedly but this didn’t stop her from stroking the area near Ferzen’s heart.


  “Hah….Hah…. D-do yo-you want….To do i-it…….W-with m-me?”




  “Y-you can s-s-scratch m-me too……w-we can cl-claw he-hearts o-out……”








  Before she even finished speaking, Laura’s nails were already digging into his chest.


  To the point where blood was drawn.


  Laura’s womanhood had become so drenched that not even the duvet was spared from its tears.






  “Pro-professor……C-Can’t we d-do it……?”




  “Ahhhh……I-if y-you die……I’ll ke-keep yo-your seed…….R-raise th-them….S-so……Gi-give it t-to me!”


  “Just finish what you’re doing.”


  Ferzen didn’t bat an eye at the growing number of cuts on his chest, as Laura’s words drifted into his ear.


  “No matter what, I will not die by your hands. So……”


  It was still 7 P.M.


  “We shall talk at 5 A.M, 9 hours from now on.”


  Ferzen bore an impassive expression.


  But when she stared at him, Laura’s lips twitched.


  A cruel smile, worthy of a lesser demon now adorned her face.




  Laura’s giggles echoed in the room.


  And as such, she wasted no time in taking a bite of his forearm.



TL NOTE: For some reason, I kinda liked this chapter…….Idk why, I mean…..MAYBE I could have a pet kink……But that’s normal right??? RIGHT? I mean after reading that…… (Shivers)……cumflation monstrosity my sanity may have taken a dip……


On another note, I bought Divinity Original Sin 2, and omg dats a phenomenal game, like I can finally make my old ass dnd rougue elf bitch a reality……


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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