The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 91

Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (21)

༺ Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (21) ༻





  Ferzen’s rod was sucked into the glistening folds.




  Yuriel raised her hips as she trembled due to the unfamiliar sensation.


  Even when she tried to focus on something other than the unfamiliar sensation, she still felt that inside her lower belly, her insides were being forcefully stretched.




  And the moment she felt that the foreign thing inside her had torn her hymen, Yuriel curled her toes and her body twitched uncontrollably.




  It didn’t hurt as much as she had thought it would.


  But it wasn’t a painless experience either.


  However, since the inside of her vagina had been relaxed thanks to all the foreplay, the pain she felt from the penetration was dampened by a lot.


  “It hurts……!”


  And yet, Yuriel cried out to Ferzen as her body trembled pitifully.


  After all, she wanted him to know that she had given up her virginity to him, which she had protected for so many years. And even though it was nothing but painful, she still endured it in the hope that he would be pleased.


  “I-it hurts…… It-it hurts! It hurts!!”


  But it wasn’t long before the pain became real, and it was not a mere act anymore.


  Yuriel literally felt her inner flesh forcefully expand even though the inside of her vagina had been loosened to the limit as soon as the tip of Ferzen’s genitals began to move past the torn hymen.




  “W-wait a minute…… Stop! It hurts…… it hurts……!”


  Even though Yuriel knew what just happened to her was the start of the whole copulating act, she still could not stand it and shed some tears.


  It was as if she could feel his burrowing manhood pressing up against her bladder.


  Or maybe, that was precisely what was happening?


  At that moment, Yuriel’s womanhood started to ooze something warm and watery which was not a strange liquid or urine. It then flowed onto Ferzen’s genitals before dripping into the bed sheet.


  Of course, Yuriel couldn’t afford to realize that.


  After all, she was busy clawing the bed sheet in order to crawl forward for an escape.




  Unfortunately for her, Ferzen held her delicate waist with both of his hands and refused to let her go.


  The sight was like a violent act of a master pulling back the chain around their dog’s neck.


  For the first time in a while, Yuriel felt resentment towards Ferzen.




  But in fact, Ferzen suffered just as much as Yuriel.


  He felt his rod being tightly gripped by Yuriel’s insides. 


  However, it wasn’t merely because it was her first time being penetrated. But it was due to a congenital disposition that made Yuriel’s vagina much narrower than when compared to other women.


  “Yuriel…… Stop struggling…… It will only hurt you more……”


  “Heuk! Keheuk……!”


  Yuriel tried to do so as soon as she heard Ferzen’s advice.


  But the inside of her vagina was truly out of her control.


  Her inside, which was still trying to expand to its very limit, squeezed his penis the more she tried to relax.


  Without her even knowing, it was her pink anus that adhered to Ferzen’s words.




  The cute, lustful wrinkles spread out along with Yuriel’s twitching buttocks.


  Ferzen couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that it was the anus that was located above her vagina that was being opened when he told Yuriel to loosen up her womanhood that was holding his genitals tightly.




  As if punishing her, Ferzen used the thumb of both his left and right hands to stretch the pink anus, which was slowly relaxing, apart.


  Feeling startled and frightened, Yuriel quickly tried to close her anus with all her power.


  “Ha…… Keuk!”


  However, this didn’t close just her other hole, as her womanhood clanged to Ferzen’s shaft even more, making it impossible for the monstrous member to continue its exploration.


  Sweat poured down from their bodies like a squall.


  Thanks to that, Yuriel’s sweet body scent got mixed with the scent of pleasure.


  After taking a whiff of it, Ferzen quickly leaned over and traced Yuriel’s back with his tongue.


  “A…… Ah……”


  Ferzen, licked, tasted, touched, and violated every inch of Yuriel’s body…… The situation itself made Yuriel happy.


  “Hu…… Huh……”


  As time passed while Yuriel was drowning in various affectionate caresses, she belatedly realized that Ferzen had stopped trying to push his penis deeper into her and turned her head towards him.




  Ferzen could easily tell what she wanted to say even without her saying it.


  “Didn’t I tell you?”


  Ferzen moved one of his hands from Yuriel’s back and slid it down toward her navel. He then grabbed the cute belly fat near it and said.


  “My thing will enter up until here.”


  In other words, Ferzen told Yuriel to look forward to when all his erection entered her.


  Hearing his words, which sounded like a death sentence, made Yuriel cry.


  After all, there was still a very long distance between his manhood, which had dug into her, and the place Ferzen had pointed out with his hand.


  “Ca-can’t you take it out first…… And put it in again once it becomes smaller?”


  Yuriel stammered out in a sobbing voice.


  The area which Ferzen had penetrated had become more used to his big penis thanks to its shaking and forcing her insides to open up to accommodate its size. 


  “Like that…… I’ll be fine…… since it will grow little by little insi— Keuk!”


  While watching Yuriel say those unreasonable words, Ferzen felt the inside of her vagina become quite relaxed.




  Putting strength in his waist, he mercilessly thrust his penis into Yuriel’s vagina.


  “Hup……! Ugh! Ah…… Ahhhh!”


  In response, Yuriel let out an embarrassing moan which made her sound as if she was short of breath, as her whole body shook.


  The pitiful figure of her aroused, a protective instinct arose inside Ferzen that made him want to hug and comfort her right away.




  However, with very little left of his penis still outside, Ferzen forcibly pushed that sentiment aside and shoved his penis deeper into Yuriel, who was desperately clamping down on his rod as if begging him to stop.






  At the end of the struggle, their lower bodies finally kissed each other.


  The area around Ferzen’s pelvis violently struck Yuriel’s pure white buttocks, and a lewd sound was made because of the impact.




  At that moment, Ferzen could clearly feel that the tip of his penis had touched the deepest part of Yuriel’s genitals.


  Through that contact, he realized that he had finally put his entire length inside Yuriel’s narrow vagina. The fact made him feel great satisfaction as well as calmed his desire to conquer.


  Ferzen quickly rubbed the tip of his penis against Yuriel’s cervix without even bothering to stop his movement to make Yuriel’s inside get used to it.


  “He-heuk…… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……!”


  However, unlike Ferzen who had obtained an unspeakable pleasure after a long time. Yuriel burst out crying like a child.


  It wasn’t like her inside was wounded, but Yuriel still felt quite a bit of pain from Ferzen’s hardness that had been forced into her in an instant.


  It was as if a great snake had pulled her private area open and forced its way into it before coiling in the womb where her baby was supposed to grow.


  Following the pain, fear, and terror grip Yuriel.




  “Take it out, take it out……!”




  Ferzen overcame Yuriel’s struggles easily.


  As if she wanted to relieve the pain right away, Yuriel shouted at Ferzen.


  “Take it out……! Take your penis out……!”




  “I don’t know, I don’t know……! I want you to take it out…… For a moment……!”


  “How can you ask me to stop after we have come all the way here…… Don’t you know that this is just a useless struggle?”


  Even though Yuriel deliberately used crass words, Ferzen only put his body on top of her back in order to press Yuriel, who was gradually getting stronger, without being bothered by it.


  “Ah…… Heung…… Keuk……!”


  As Ferzen’s weight mounted on her slender body, Yuriel’s chest contorted vulgarly.


  But what bothered her the most was the fact that Ferzen’s penis was still moving wildly inside of her, as if trying to dig into her womb.


  No matter how much she struggled for freedom, her body, which was completely encased in Ferzen’s arms, could not move.


  The situation was like when a mare was forcibly immobilized so that the males would not get hurt during the mating process.




  “Keu…… Heuk!”


  Eventually, when Yuriel’s struggle subsided, Ferzen moved his waist slightly.


  “Don’t cry……”


  Then, he licked Yuriel’s tears away and urged her not to cry.


  He didn’t apologize to her. After all, he didn’t want to stop moving to violate her body.


  “Ah…… Ke, heuk!”


  Following Ferzen’s penis, which slightly slipped away from her, Yuriel’s inner flesh came out as well.


  As it was the first time she had sex in her entire life, she had no tricks whatsoever to counter Ferzen’s movement. Therefore, Yuriel just continued to squeeze his genitals.






  The viscous liquid splashed wildly from Yuriel’s vagina as Ferzen’s penis dug in again, knocking on her cervix.




  Looking down at Yuriel, who was just lying down pitifully due to his act which looked violent but couldn’t be further away from the truth as Ferzen reached down and cupped her around the waist.




  Ferzen found Yuriel’s lower belly slightly protruding. Probably because it couldn’t handle his penis that had been dug deep inside of her.




  Is it because of her body type?


  His sexual desire was one thing, but due to the sadism that flavored it, Ferzen found it difficult to stop now even though he pitied her.








  “Mph…… Umph……”


  “Yuriel, don’t hold it down.”


  Ferzen reached out and forcibly opened her lips as if scolding her for keeping her lips tightly shut and suppressing her moans.


  At the same time……




  Ferzen put more power in his waist and rammed his shaft into her. It was hard enough to make her white ass flush red.






  Unlike before, the voice that Yuriel let out now was more like a coquettish moan rather than a groan.


  Wanting to hear more of it, Ferzen didn’t pull his waist back and just pressed down to her, abusing her cervix more.


  “Oh! Ahh…… Aaaahhhh……”


  The inside of Yuriel’s vagina, which had become accustomed to Ferzen’s girth little by little, tightened gently.


  And as if feeling sorry for not being able to let him in easily before, Yuriel’s cervix clung to the rod.


  Perhaps because she finally had some room to breathe, Yuriel suddenly felt the urge to change her position.


  She wanted to have sex with him while staring at his face.


  After all, she still hoped to receive a kiss that she had never had before while having sex with him.


  “Ah…… Aaah!”


  However, the wriggle that she did in order to change her position was interpreted differently by Ferzen.


  He violently grabbed both of her arms and pulled them. It was as if he was using her limbs as a rein to control her body.




  Because of that, Ferzen’s penis penetrated much deeper into Yuriel, making her lower belly protrude even more.


  “I-I…… Ahhhh…… Ahhh……”


  She wanted to tell Ferzen that he misunderstood.


  She had no intention of resisting him violating her body.


  She tried to persuade him, but Ferzen treated her roughly as if punishing her, brandishing his length like a cane, and sticking it into her vagina.


  By that point, Yuriel was so sad that she burst into tears once again.




  However, Ferzen didn’t even think of trying to soothe her. He just filled one of his hands with one of her breasts while his other hand pushed the protruding lower belly hard in response to the rapidly coming sense of ejaculation.




  As Ferzen buried his penis deep into the womb, he began to pour his seed into it.




  Ferzen’s hot breath tickled the back of Yuriel’s neck.




  Ferzen bit Yuriel’s neck as he savored the primal pleasure of planting his seed into his mistress. 


  And as Ferzen’s semen filled her womb, Yuriel’s whole body shook as she cried.




  After the last bit of his seed was poured out, Ferzen gave Yuriel a tender kiss on the nape. He then released his hands that were tightly gripping her chest and stomach.




  With their genitals still connected, Yuriel fell helplessly onto the bed.


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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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