The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines Chapter 92

Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (22)

༺ Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred (22) ༻


  “He, heuk……”




  Ferzen, who had regained some of his sanity because of his ejaculation, called Yuriel while gently gathering her disheveled hair and moving them to the side.


  Her neckline which had been covered until now was finally revealed.


  “Bad bastard……”


  At his kindness, Yuriel put all the pain she had felt into a curse.


  “Wh-why…… Didn’t you kiss me…… I-I…… Just wanted to do it while looking at you…… and hold you……”




  “Don’t treat me like a tool……”




  “I am…… Not a toilet…… for your seme-semen……”


  Yuriel sobbed as her fingers clenched the blanket tight.


  “If that’s what you really think of me…… Why don’t you pee inside me too…… You bad bastard……”




  At her words which were full of resentment and bitterness, Ferzen wiped the sweat from his brow and turned to face her.


  “Sob…… Sob……”


  Unwilling to make eye contact with him, Yuriel covered her face with her hands and burst into tears.


  In truth, Ferzen didn’t have any big reason for why he didn’t want Yuriel to face him during sex.


  However, if he were to see her face at this close of a distance while being unfocused or in a state of disorientation…………


  Of course, human eyes weren’t something that could easily see through misaligned body proportions.


  But if there was something obvious……


  That was what Ferzen was concerned about. Which was why he opted not to flip her to face him during the sex.


  “Maybe… I shouldn’t have made you mine.”




  At his cruel words, no…… At his very cruel words, Yuriel bit her lower lip hard.


  But Ferzen, trying to make her listen until the very end, quickly caressed her cheek and whispered affectionately.


  “However, even if that’s the case. I have no intention of letting you go, Yuriel.”


  “Ah…… Hup!”


  Ferzen closed his eyes and leaned down to cover Yuriel’s lips with his.


  A piece of flesh penetrated her mouth. It then wrapped around her tongue and began to harass and violate every inch of her mouth to its heart’s content.


  A kiss, a kiss with him……


  Even when it was a little bit rougher than she had expected, Yuriel felt the sadness that she had experienced just a moment ago melt away.


  “Even if you ended up breaking down in my arms…… I don’t care. After all, I will make sure to hold you tight…… So you will never be able to leave……”






  It might be due to her scent, or perhaps not.


  But in those words, she could feel his possessiveness for her overflowing.


  Yuriel felt happy hearing those words. It even made the tears falling from her eyes stop.


  “Ah…… Angggg!”


  In the meantime, Ferzen’s penis dug deep into her again as he pressed his weight onto her.


  Her large breasts contorted vulgarly as they were pressed up against Ferzen’s chest. Meanwhile, her ear lobe was also ravaged by him as he buried his head on one side of her neck and licked it.


  Yuriel hugged Ferzen’s waist with her legs in response to his passionate and affectionate gestures and said.


  “You can do whatever you want……”




  “You can do it like how you do it now…… Treat me like a tool…… Or treat me like a toilet…… I won’t complain……”


  Why in the world did she have to rekindle the fire within him that was dying down in a pile of ashes even when he tried to be nice to her?






  Ferzen roughly hugged Yuriel’s body.


  Then, he whispered words full of greed and shady desire into her ear.


  “Yuriel…… If you don’t have any masochistic tendencies, you’ll regret these words forever.”






  After pulling out for a bit, Ferzen’s rod penetrated her in one swift movement, knocking on her cervix.


  But despite that, Yuriel just shook her head slowly and hugged Ferzen, indicating that she was okay with the arrangement.


  In fact, Yuriel was currently being assaulted by his sexual desire more harshly than before…… The only difference was that her position had changed.


  Therefore, sadness didn’t bloom in her heart at all.


  Yuriel felt that Ferzen was on his way to his second ejaculation, as she felt her inside which was currently being used by him.


  “He…… Huaaanngg!”


  Ferzen thrust his waist roughly, and then, he reached his second climax.




  When his length was pushed back a little by Yuriel’s warmth, a thin, clear liquid gushed out like urine.


  For a moment, Yuriel felt ashamed and embarrassed because the trickling liquid made her look like she was unable to control her bladder……


  However, she wanted him to love even this appearance of her, so she grabbed his thick forearm and begged.


  “Ki-kiss…… Me……”


  “You are……”


  Without even finishing his words, Ferzen, who was fascinated by her lovely figure, closed his eyes and kissed her.


  Immediately after their lips parted……


  Yuriel made another request to Ferzen as she stroked her belly, which was filled with his semen that was starting to flow back outside.


  It wasn’t difficult by any means.


  She just asked him to call her by her name.






  In response, Ferzen used his shaft to stop the flowing semen and hugged Yuriel’s body before opening his mouth.




  “Other than that……”


  “Yuriel Wayne Dayna Alfred……”




  “Yuriel Wayne Dayna Louerg……”




  She was indeed his mistress.


  But, she was also his second wife.




* * * * *


  When the ecstasy finally wore off, Ferzen let Yuriel go from his arms……




  He then caressed her belly gently before pulling out his own erection.




  When his penis was completely pulled out of her vagina, a vulgar sound could be heard. Then, from the inside of her abused flower……


  “D-don’t look……”


  Fishy, thick semen mixed with the blood from her hymen getting torn gushed out.


  After that, her narrow hole soon began to contract and close, making Yuriel quickly reach out to it with both of her hands and cover it with her palm.


  Looking at that, Ferzen was tempted to brush those hands to the side, however, he felt his throat was dry and decided to get out of bed.


  “W-where are you going……!”


  Panicked at his sudden action, Yuriel grabbed Ferzen’s arm.




  Unbeknownst to her, he just wanted to grab a glass of water.




  Yuriel raised her body halfway. And that action made the semen vulgarly drip from her womanhood.


  However, she seemed to have no problem showing such an obscene sight at the moment as she had something more important to do…… She then opened her mouth.


  “Since the first night is over…… Are you going to that woman……?”


  Looking at Yuriel’s obsidian-like eyes that were full of jealousy and anxiety, Ferzen stroked her hair.


  “I just want to drink some water.”




  Hearing Ferzen’s answer, Yuriel hesitated for a moment before letting the arm she was gripping tightly, go.


  “I-I’ll get it for you……”


  “It’s okay even if you don’t do that……”


  “J-just sit……”


  Even when she flinched due to the pain around her waist as soon as she stood up and even when semen dripped from her pussy.


  She still brought a cup of cold water for Ferzen.


  In response, Ferzen quenched his thirst by drinking the water without uttering a single word.


  After that, Yuriel tidied up the pillows and lifted the blanket.


  Seeing her trying to urge him to sleep, Ferzen could only laugh.




  Even if he had told her that he was not going anywhere, showing it with his actions would be the most reassuring.


  After thinking so, Ferzen laid down on the bed.


  However, Yuriel didn’t follow his example.


  “What’s wrong?”


  But, as soon as he asked the question, Yuriel laid down next to him.


  No, she turned her back to him first before lying down.


  She then carefully tucked Ferzen’s flaccid penis between her thighs and curled her body up like a shrimp.


  “You know……”


  Then, she lowered her hand and held the rod protruding between her thighs with her hand……


  “I want to sleep…… With it inside……”


  She made a request that was way beyond Ferzen’s expectations.


  Thanks to that, Ferzen couldn’t utter anything for a moment before trying to reassure her.


  “Even if you don’t do that…… I will still be by your side until you wake up tomorrow.”




  Yuriel didn’t answer.


  It was as if she was displeased by his words.




  “I-it’s not because I’m worried……”




  “I-it was b-because it’s too heavy…… If you sleep like it is…… Y-you…… Will be uncomfortable later……”


  In truth, both Yuriel and Ferzen knew.


  Ferzen knew she was worried, and the words she just uttered were nothing but ramblings.


  “F-forget it……”


  However, when she thought about it, Yuriel instantly shook her head. After all, she knew that the words she had said earlier were more embarrassing.


  As if she didn’t want it anymore, Yuriel stretched out her two sleek legs.


  No, to be exact, she tried.




  Fersen’s large hand blocked her movement, and he raised one of her legs in the air……






  Like a sword, Ferzen slowly stabbed his girth into the narrow hole.


  Yuriel’s face hardened at that moment, but the semen that was still inside served as a lubricant.


  It was as if her vagina was accepting back what had been endlessly poking into just a while back……






  She received his member more skillfully than the first time.




  They were still quite warm, but he could feel Yuriel’s inner flesh was even hotter.


  However, since her posture wasn’t quite right, Ferzen’s penis couldn’t reach her cervix. Hence, Ferzen lowered Yuriel’s leg before putting his own leg on top of it……






  Once he had penetrated all the way in, he gently rubbed her cervix with his penis.


  Yuriel purred as he did so, but she seemed to want just a little more.


  She grasped Ferzen’s right hand, which was resting at her waist, and buried it between her breast.


  She then pressed her cheek against his upturned palm and closed her eyes in bliss.






  The simple words ‘good night’.


  Weren’t uttered……


  By Yuriel.


  Or by Ferzen.


  Despite the fact that they weren’t covered by the blanket, each one of them had become a blanket that warmed their counterpart using their body heat……



TL:  This weekend i realized that anything can be hot……Like for some reason beyond my understanding i was using that app, and a searched for AlienxPredator fics (don’t ask me why cause idk either) So i found this fic where the dude wrote a Human male x Xenomorph queen story, and it was like super wholesome, and hot too, but what surprised me is that he fr put an effort in writing a romance story and not just porn……and then the realization hit me, and I was rooting for a goddamn Xenomorph queen to marry this guy… I’m doing with my life.

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The Villain Who Robbed the Heroines

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